Friday, September 18, 2009

Killing Me Softly

Wet Seal Studded Tank, Linen Skirt from Marshall's, Old Navy Sandals, Forever 21 Hoops, Wet Seal Bracelet Watch

Today's look was meant to be slightly simple yet still standout. I got this skirt last weekend and decided since summer is slowly fading (despite the hot temperatures in Florida) I should start wearing more fall colors. I haven't decided if it's practical. Shoot, I'll wear what I want dang it!

School was great today, no quiz in math and Western Civ* was pretty smooth. I'm anxious about my test grades, probably won't know until Monday....grrrrr! I guess that's just how college goes I guess :/

My daughter aka my fashion mini me, has decided that she loves leggings and wanted to wear some to sleep. But the a/c in my mom's house is completely gone (in my room, the living room, and her room). So we opted for a t-shirt and kept it moving.  She loves fashion already, and she's not even two yet, I created a monster. I'm thinking about posting her outfits on here as well, but skeptical because I don't need any pervs coming on my blog trying to check out my 2 year old :/

I feel liek my blog is getting boring. I want to incorporate more fashion posts, and this is was Fashion Week. Tomorrow, I'm going to review some of the shows and post some of my favorite looks. I'm a bit tired so I'm goignt o go to sleep. Plus Amerie gets up at like 6:00-7:00am :/ C-ya!

I feel all flushed with fever
Embarrassed by the crowd
I felt he found my letter and read each one out loud
And there he was this young one
Stranger to my eyes
Strummin my pain with hsi fingers
Singing my lif with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly, with his song
Tellin my whole life
With his words, killing me softly
With his song...
"Killing Me Softky" Remake by The Fugees


  1. Great otufit! I love the studded tank and that pink skirt is so bright and colorful who wouldn't love it?!? Hope school is going well for you! And I think it would be cute to see what your mini me is wearing ;) Have a great weekend! and don't forget to relax :D


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