Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old Skool Kickin It

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Vest: Max Rave, T-Shirt: Old Navy, D.I.Y. Denim Bermuda Shorts, Colorful Sneakers: Keds, Kangol Hat: Grandpa's, Hoops: Forever 21, Bangles: Beauty Supply Store, Bracelet Watch: Wet Seal
Class as usual today, got another extension on an assignment because of a previous extension, yay for the teacher being sick, even though that's horrible to say and I'm not really happy cause he was sick. Amerie has been on bad behavior lately and I'm having a hard time trying to find my "assertive" voice. I'm so used to being a compromising person that I'm noticing Amerie think she can walk all over me. I guess this is what being a first time mom is all about.
I've decided to start posting my inspiration boards that I make on Polyvore with you more often. Considering I want to be a stylist, I want to share with you the journey towards my dream job. I know I should be in fashion school, but quite frankly, with this economy, I wanted a more general business degree so I could have a better selection of jobs :) I plan on doing my own study of fashion over time. I mean, I did buy a gray leopard print mini, and now gray leopard print is one of fall's top trends so I can't be that far off right?
Well, it's that time again. Thanks for the love and support and I'l C-ya!

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  1. Sick or not, extensions are always great :D. Good luck with your daughter! I unfortunately have no advice for you whatsoever... PRobably a good thing! And I'd love to see what's inspiring you lately! I am in dire need of some fresh inspration..


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