Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pretty Wings

Forever 21 dress, Max Rave Sandals, Vintage Purse, Forever 21 hoops, Vintage necklace, Beauty Supply Store bangles, Wet Seal Bracelet Watch

Today, I officially realized I will NEVER get over my shopping addiction. I went to Marshall's and T.J. Maxx and got the cutest stuff for myself and for my daughter. I'm especially estatic about the Betseyville Betsey Johnson belt I got for 13 dollars :). 

So, in other news, I got a pedi and my eyebrows waxed, which my eyebrows haven't been done in about two years. Now, all of the sudden, I go to the grocery store and dudes want to try to talk to me. I'm wondering, have my eyebrows been getting in the way of my love life? Are guys really that peticular about women's maintenance? What I learned today: I will officially start getting my eyebrows done more often. FYI: This is the first time I got them waxed, and all i can say is...OOOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!!!

So, here's an inspiration outfit I came up with today:
I love wearing black and white, or rather, neutral tones with at least two pops of color. I guess that's the 80's chick in me, lol. Well, I'm off to play around on Chictopia (add me as a friend/fan if you have one too. Just click the name Chictopia for my profile) and probably create some more inspiration outfits. I'll C-ya! Oh, almost forgot. The lyrics of the night are...
I came wrong you were right
Transformed your love into lie
Baby believe me I'm sorry I told you lies
I turned day into night
Sleep till I die a thousand times
I should have showed you better nights, better times, better days
And I miss you more and more
If I can't have you
Let love set you free
To fly your pretty wings around
Pretty wings, your pretty wings, your
Pretty wings, your Pretty wings around 
 "Pretty Wings" by Maxwell


  1. Love your outfit! Black, white, and gold never fails. It's so classy!! And shopping?!? It's okay.... I went shopping this weekend too :D:D. Sometimes you just can't help it! And LOL to your grocery store story!!! Hahaha, that is SO funny!!! I wonder why that is?!? I mean, was it really the eyebrows?? Hahahah! Great picks for your outfit inspiration! Such a nice combination of bright color and zebra print! Hope you had a good weekend :)

  2. Love the bag & highwaisted skirt. Of course.
    Highwaisted skirts are awesome.
    X, fashion-nerdic.


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