Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Dreams

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Max Rave Tunic Top, Faith 21 Leggings, Traffic Shoes Booties, Betsey Johnson Belt, Beauty Supply Store Headband, Forever 21 Hoops, Goodwill Bangles, Wal-Mart Watch

So, a little about the ensemble. I definitely wore silver flat sandals to school because my legs and arms were sore still from volunteering Saturday. I helped clean up a park and paint a small house in my neighborhood (I live in the ghetto aka the Urban Refuge). I feel pretty good doing that, since people are going through hard economic times :(. I bought this Betsey Johnson belt at Marshall's for like $13, I was so stoked! I just love the studs, and it's probably going to be a wardrobe staple. I also love these booties and can't wait to actually wear them out somewhere.

I went to class and probably failed my World Religions Test. Who knew Judaism could be so complicated? I mean, I studied hard but I'll be happy if I get a C :( But since there are 10 tests in the class, I won't fret too much. I have a Pre-Calculus test tomorrow that I actually feel prepared for :) I'm afraid that my Western Civ teacher will give us a pop quiz, so I think I'm going to study for that after this post :/

I just want to again say thank you to everyone who has left comments. Again, if you have any suggestions on making the blog more interesting, feel free to email me at or just comment on the post :) In case you don't feel like emailing me, here are some things I've been thinking about doing:
1. Posting more about designers and different fashion news
2. Post my inspiration boards from Polyvore
3. Put of pictures of my daughter's outfits (she's going to be 2 in November)
4. Post styling tips (Workwear, Dates, etc.)
5. Post more about love, since it is in the title

If you like those suggestions or have any of your own, feel free to let me know. Thanks and C-ya!

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  1. Love it! Black always works. Those boots are too cute. Good luck with tests. I got a few heading my way since next week is midterms week.....then fall break! Do you guys get a break? hopefully....


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