Thursday, October 1, 2009

Electric Feel

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Walmart Tunic Tee, L.E.I. Walmart Jeans, Urban Originals Heels, Wet Seal Sunglasses, Wet Seal Hoops, Walmart Necklace, Walmart Watch, Forever 21 Cuff Bracelet

So, a little about my ensemble. I just got the skinny jeans and top from on sale and I love them. I know people speak down upon wearing clothing and shoes from Walmart, but come on, does it look like it came from there? Don't lie, because you know if I said Forever 21, everyone would be like, ok, that make sense. The top was $3 and I got it in black too. The jeans, $9, and I was so excited to have a nice colorful jean. The shoes are form Urban Originals, which is kind of like GoJane or Ami Clubwear. They were $10 and they feel so comfortable, surprisingly. What I love about this ensemble is that it's simple, yet different, and the total price, including jewelry and sunglasses, is...$51. If you add my school backpack, then it's like $71. Who else can say that they got a great casual yet chic ensemble for $51? That's why they call me the budget queen. So, to do a little shameless advertising...If you need an ensemble for a night or a new wardrobe, without breaking the bank yet still getting quality pieces, you can contact me at or I don't have a car, however I can give you an online consultation and even do a video for you of what to look for when you go shopping. We can also negotiate the costs of services as well.

Ok, so about my day...I had class, a meeting, and Bible study. I thought I got a D on one of my assignments and was so estactic to find out he made a glitch in the syste, and my grade is actually a 100% A+! Yay, I'm so happy. I thought for sure I wasn't going to get a good grade on the assignment. But yea other than that, pretty normal day.

I'm kinda tired, sorry for the short post. But I will have a better post tomorrow! C-ya!

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  1. I love this! The bright colored pants are AWESOME. I wish i could pull that off. I can't believe the prices you got them for! That's pretty cool!!! I love deals like that! And congrats on your assignment. I love when that happens...... :)


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