Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Vintage New Port News Gray Three-Button Blazer
ASOS White Shoulder Pad Boyfriend T-Shirt
Wet Seal Black Skinny Jeans
Traffic Black Motorcycle Boots
Payless Black Studded Detail Hobo
Family Dollar Black Beanie hat
Fabuless Silver Bamboo Heart Shaped Hoop Earrings
Forever 21 Silver Chain Link Necklace
Fabuless Silver Bangle Set
Wal-Mart Silver Watch
Girl Props Black Cotton Stretch Gloves

Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. I was sick yesterday and ended up missing class :( But I'm feeling a little better now so I was able to take my test in Music Appreciation today. Today's ensemble was inspired by the cold ass weather we've been having in Florida. I am so over the cold, I want warm weather! The blazer was a steal at $7.07 from Goodwill. I have been trying to figure out how to wear it and decided to add it to the black and white ensemble I was wearing today. The t-shirt is from ASOS and i got it for $10.20. It was such a great deal, I got it in black too :) I just adore Wet Seal jeans. They fit me very well and they are a pretty good quality. I’ve had these jeans for about 2 years now, and so far so good :) Of course my new favorite bag has to be in the picture. I just can’t stop wearing it! I guess you could call it corporate casual chic? I love it!

So, I have an essay due tomorrow which I have been working on, but definitely need to finish. Okay, so it’s just the rough draft but still, the better the rough draft, the less work I have to do hopefully. I also have my first Business Calculus test tomorrow, so I need to start studying for that. I am trying to stay on track with all of my assignments, and so far so good. I just hope nothing major happened in class yesterday, then I will be upset. 
Thanks so much to everyone whose following the blog, who comments, or even who just looks at the blog. I have had doubts about keeping it, but I'm hoping to make it more interesting. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Sarah Jane


  1. keep the blog!!!! you are so sweet!!! Hope you are by now completly recovered. U say in Florida is cold and u just wear a blazer!!!! U should come to Spain it's freezing right now preventing trendy girls as us be fashionable, LOL. Like this look classy and elegant combination that makes u look very pretty ; )

  2. Love the styling! Maybe wearing a version of this outfit on thursday or friday ;) thanks for inspiration, i love neutrals and b+w!! keep the blog dear, just try to post mm... well i'm a newbie here in this blogging world but i'm adding daily tips to my post, talking about my city... you can do features on what inspires you and that stuff...

    Keep the smile Sarah! You know i appreciate you...

  3. Love this, you look beautiful. & the styling is perfect!



  4. Cant believe you are from St.Pete! How cooooool!


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