Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Florals and Denim

 Today was a wonderful day!
I finally found out my grade on my second hardest test in math....94% A!
I am also going to be working on my last essay for my Geography class and my Expository Writing class :)
Finals Week is slowly approaching and I'm praying I do well. I don't know about my music exam, I'm afraid I might not pass the final :(
I haven't talk to my new "friend" today. He's having phone issues, but soon they will be resolved. Hopefully a date will come about soon as well :)
Summer is almost here, and I'm still jobless :( I applied to two places today. Hopefully I'll get an email or phone call soon.
I am working on creating a store where I will sell some of my accessories and clothing :) Be on the lookout for that soon!
I am going to do my giveaway starting this Saturday. It will run for about a week, as I'm about to start finals soon so it may be two weeks :/
Hope everyone had a great day today! I love you all and thank you so much for the support of my comeback :) It means a lot to me!

I am wearing a Thrifted floral shirt, DIY cut off shorts made from Old Navy Flirt jeans, Target lace up oxfords, Payless aviator sunglasses, Walmart hoop earrings, Forever 21 beaded necklace, Fabuless bangle set, and a Wet Seal stretch bracelet watch

Song of the Day: "Damaged" by TLC


  1. Stunning m'dear! Your legs are phenomenal, they go on and on!!! <3 Good luck with your finals, I'm sure you'll ace 'em :) I'll be sending good vibes xo

  2. Love the floral top.

    Check out my fashion blog.

  3. Good luck with all the examns and stuff of school! You rock that outfit, love the idea!! Too bad i can't wear it to college.

  4. Audreyj, I totally wore this to class :)


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