Friday, May 14, 2010

Bored+ My Sister's Birthday Pictures

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Old Navy Black V-Neck Tee
Torrid Dark Wash Denim High Waist Shorts
Forever 21 Red Flower Cut Out Booties
Fabuless Gold Heart Shaped Bamboo Hoop Earrings
Fabuless Gold Bangles

Hello everyone! I had loads of fun for my sister’s birthday, and somehow broke my glasses :( Thank God for back up pairs!
I was bored so I put on my Forever 21 flower cut out booties with my lazy wear and took a picture :)
I hope everyone has had a good day so far. Oh, and my giveaway is going to be extended until next Friday, just so it’s fair to all.
If you want to participate, follow the blog and leave a comment on the post here.
I am also going out for my friend’s 18th birthday, he’s grown up so fast lol. We are clubbing tonight then Hard Rock tomorrow!
I have a picture of the “Old School Hip Hop” look I’m wearing for either tonight or tomorrow. I didn’t want to wear sneakers again, so I did boots :)

 Here's a photo of my best friend/sister Porshia for her birthday!
Sorry for such a boring post, but I've been kinda bumming at my house lately :/ Hopefully I'll have some things to do soon! Thanks for dropping by, and I'll leave you with the song of the day!

Song of the Day: "Anything" by SWV

Sarah Jane

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