Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pretty Girls

old navy white v-neck tee
asos orange ethnic digital print skirt
wet seal olive green gladiator sandals
thrifted cream quilted long chain strap purse
random white turban headband
gold leaf earrings (can't see them because of the picture quality, sorry :/)
gold charm necklace (again, quality sucks, sorry)
gold bangles

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a beautiful day.
Today's post is going to be a positive and uplifting post.
I love the song by Wale called "Pretty Girls" because the beat is pretty nice, and I feel every girl is pretty.
However, as we grow into womanhood, should the phrase still stay the same. Is a woman pretty or is she now beautiful? Is a girl beautiful or is she pretty?
I always wondered how it works. I feel weird saying my mother looks pretty, because to me, pretty isn't a strong enough word to describe her. Beautiful fits for her, in my opinion.
I've been called pretty, sexy, hot, and a couple time, beautiful. I feel that when I've been called beautiful, it just fills me with emotions of joy, and yet I have no idea why.
Sure, I'm only 21 so I really don't have a ton of worldly knowledge, however, I just wonder where you all stand on the topic.
After a certain point, do you graduate from pretty to beautiful? Or is it just a standard put on my media (film, music, text) that has now morphed our understanding of the words in general? Or are "beautiful" and "pretty" just words that shouldn't be read into so deeply?
Let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading and for following, you don't know how it makes me feel to actually reach people with my words and style.
Did you notice this is one of the ensembles I posted as inspiration on my last post? I did some editing but in the end, I think it's a pretty cool casual look :)
Thanks again, and check back for interesting topics/rants, as well as fashion inspiration posts.

Song of the Day: "Pretty Girls" by Wale ft. Gucci Mane

Sarah Jane


  1. That's pretty deep SJR!! (no pun intended) I think you hit the nail on the head when describing your mom. Maybe beautiful encompasses the whole self (personality included), where as pretty is just another word for cute. Regardless SJR= Beautiful. :) xo- karrie


    And for me, women can be pretty, but only exceptional women can be beautiful.

  3. Lovin the turban and skirt!
    I really loved reading this post:D I defintly agree on how the words "pretty" and "beautiful" can be so different in their meaning. "Beautiful" is the right word to descibe a stong, independent, and confident woman. You fall into that catagory:)

  4. hey sarah I love that skirt so colorful n bright I love it....hmm I tell ya uve been looking extra great as of late hmmmmmmmm wonder y hehehhe ::evil Laff:: well watever it is keep it up babes:)

  5. First of all, i'm so loving this outfit, especially the tribal printed skirt! The color just POPS and is very summery, makes me happy just by looking at it :D

    I never really thought about the difference between "pretty" and "beautiful" until I read this post. I guess "pretty" is only describing the surface while "beautiful" is both inside and outside (which includes being "pretty"). You're definitely a beautiful young woman ;)


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