Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mini Haul Post

Okay, so today was a pretty great day. I went to church and talked to my pastor about my recent stresses and am finally finding a solution to it all. I also am taking on a new responsibility at my church as a leader of the young adult group. I am so excited and I know this is the direction God wants me in. I am ready finally.
I also wanted to share my recent purchases. I was inspired by a couple people to get these purchases and can only hope to rock them as well as they have :)

1) Faith 21 Basic Denim Mini in Dark Blue Wash $10.80: I got this because Zoe Saldana inspired me from her Nylon Mag cover to wear a neon green tank with a dark wash denim mini. I mean, who doesn't love Nylon Mag and Zoe Saldana? Okay, that was a silly statement, but none the less, the cover is rather hot, check it out here
Enough said.

2) Forever 21 Black Wooden Cross Necklace $4.80: I ended up getting this necklace because one of my favorite bloggers, Kookie B of Death by Platforms, wears this amazing cross necklace and I've been craving one since. I also only own one black necklace and figured I needed one to update my accessories. So, in honor of KB, I bought it :)

3) Forever 21 Turquoise and Silver Flower Burst Ring $3.80: Okay, now a lot of people have been rocking the cocktail ring trend. However, the one person who embedded it in my mind was Rachel Zoe. I mean, the woman is a bohemian chic beauty. I love her casual Cali style as well as her couture fierceness. She's definitely oen of my inspirations for being a stylist, and her excessive accessories make me love her even more. So thank you Rachel Zoe! If you don't follow her via The Zoe Report, simply click the link in my blog roll and enjoy!

4) Wet Seal Black and Gold Stud Bottom Satchel $24.50: I have been in love with the original Alexander Wang Mini Coco Duffel Bag since I saw Aphrodite of Pandora's Box rocking it on her Chictopia account (under her name). I mean, gosh she's so effortlessly chic and cool, i admire her style. So, being the recessionista that I am, when I saw this replica at Wet Seal's website, I immediately ordered it. I can't wait for it to come to my doorstep so I can wear it all summer long lol. Okay, maybe not all summer.

I hope to be wearing these items soon. Thanks for following the blog and reading, and I will hopefully be posting an outfit post tomorrow :). Thanks again!

Sarah Jane


  1. Great finds! That is probably the cutest denim skirt I have ever seen! I can't wait to see how you style it!

  2. oh Sarah dear. i'm so happy to be of inspiration to you! i know you'll rock out that cross necklace! have fun wearing it!

  3. I once led a young adult group at my church too until I got married and moved! Hope that you find it very rewarding :) Be blessed!


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