Thursday, June 24, 2010

Styling Tips: One Shirt, Three Ways

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So, I finally got a new camera which means it's time for an outfit post! I am actually inspired by the new contest going on at with Teen Vogue. Those of you who are on Chictopia should definitely check it out and enter it. Anyways, this post is about taking an item in your wardrobe and remixing it three different ways. Now, there are plenty of ways to wear a shirt. My focus is to wear it as a shirt for the different occasions/personality types. So, let's start with...the It Girl


Aeropostale Red Plaid Tunic
George Lace Thing Highs
Target Black Oxford Flats
Forever 21 Quilted and DIY Studded Purse
Family Dollar Black Beanie Hat
Old Navy Red Wayfarer Sunglasses
Gifted Black Rhinestone Necklace
Walmart Bangles
Gifted Flower Cocktail Ring
Random Brand Rhinestone Cocktail Ring
You see her all the time, walking around to Starbucks getting her frappe and a cookie maybe. She's most likely just rolling out of bed from a fierce party, not even thinking to change her clothes. She probably is nursing a hangover, as she's the life of the party and loves to go crazy. She often wears sunglasses to hide her "partied too hard" eyes, and throws on red lipstick to look somewhat alive. She's the It Girl, and only she can make "morning-after hangover" stylish.


Aeropostale Red Plaid Tunic
Faith 21 Dark Wash Denim Mini
CutesyGirl Red Platform Pumps
Random Red Turban Hat Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings
Random Gold Necklace
Forever 21 Gold Bangle Set (3 sets of 10, wearing one on each wrist)

She doesn't give a crap what you say about her or if you like her. She loves being the center of attention, and wears anything bold and outrageous. If it means wearing this while going grocery shopping or to a bowling alley, she's down for it. When she's out and about, men can't stop staring at her curves and are attracted to her confidence. She feels that no matter what size she is, she's still sexy and will wear what some women are afraid to do. Some may say she's over-dressed. By adding her signature red lipstickBut quite frankly, she feels she needs something extra. She's the Urban Diva, the true female version of a hustla.


Aeropostale Red Plaid Tunic
City Streets Black Bleached and Torn Skinny Jeans
Traffic Black Motorcycle Boots
Gifted Black Bowler Hat
Payless Silver Aviator Sunglasses
Forever 21 Black Cross Necklace
Wet Seal White Lace Fingerless Gloves
Forever 21 Pearl Bracelet
Goodwill Silver Bangles
Gifted Silver Flower Cocktail Ring
Random Silver Rhinestone Cocktail Ring

She throws things when she's mad. She curses like a sailor. And she does it all in style. She's doesn't take crap from anyone. She's had a rough life that's left her cold to a lot of things. Her red lipstick is about the only vibrant thing she maintains in her life. She may be hardcore, but underneath it all is a sensitive soul dying to find understanding in her life. She's the misunderstood Rocker Chick. She just wants to rock and roll and party her stress away.

Hope you enjoyed the post. I'm kind of upset that the quality of the last two photos is so crapy, especially for a new camera. However, I won't stress it. Most likely the lighting. Looks like I will be using PhotoShop to fix them. Thanks for following and reading, and have a great day!

Song of the Day: "Change Clothes" by Jay Z ft. Pharell

Sarah Jane

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  1. L O V E the urban diva S, but you look amazing on the 3 looks!


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