Friday, October 29, 2010

New Name. New Layout. New Banner. New Me.

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 As much as I loved the title of my blog, it's time to take the personal shopping and styling side of my life seriously. I plan on eventually branching into having my own domain soon, but for now, this will have to do. I am taking my blog seriously. My time has been taken up by useless people, and now that I have omitted them from my life, it's time to get to business.
 I want to first thank everyone who has recently and continually been following and visiting the site. It means so much to me that people find my blog interesting. I also want to take this time to thank the following people for recent features on their websites:
I never thought in a million years I would get recognition for my personal style. I hope to be able to showcase my styling skills on someone besides myself lol. I recently had my 22nd birthday, and as time goes on, I'm getting older and wiser. I have been betrayed by my best friend of 7 years, and I have lost contact with others along the way. However, letting the dark clouds roll away has helped me see the sunshine in my life. I am ready to take on the world by storm.
Wearing Aeropostale Plaid Tunic Shirt, Gap Medium Wash Wide Leg Trouser Jeans, ASOS Beige Buckle Wedges, Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, Forever 21 Pearl Bracelet, and Wet Seal Cream Skinny Belt.
Sarah Jane R. Styling is my new brand. I am going to start freelancing my work as a personal shopper/closet organizer/wardrobe stylist. Of course, where I live, everyone thinks they are wearing flattering clothing. But on the real side, it's far from that. I hope to help not just people within my city limits, but all around the world, figure out how to wear trends, as well as set their own. I hope to inspire the woman whose been afraid to step outside the box and live her life for herself. I want to teach young girls that no matter what size or shape you are, you can still have fun with clothing. I want to inspire, just like my idols inspire me. So, starting this weekend, I will be working on some inspiration boards, as well as features.

I hope everyone likes the new layout, which is very basic but has my flair by adding the purple text :) Purple is my favorite color and I can't have a blog without including purple somewhere in it. Also, because we have reached 50 followers, it's time for another giveaway. I will be posting the giveaway soon so be on the lookout for that very soon.

I also wanted to let everyone know I do sell items on Ebay. I have nothing up at this point, but soon I will be starting an Ebay store featuring thrifted items, as well as store bought items that I may not wear much anymore. I figured, if I'm not wearing these great pieces that much then they deserve a good home.

Again, thank you so much for the support, and to all of the readers, keep reading and be on the lookout for great things. I am taking this blogging life to the next level!

Sarah Jane R.

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  1. Very effortless look, yet classic!

    Stay gorgeous!


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