Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall In Love

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 Just living my life the way God wants me to, or at least as best as I can.
 I really am starting to embrace my inner style. It's just so fun to just be you and not worry about everyone else.
 I am sorry about the crappy quality of the pictures, I'm still learning how to use this camera lol. I have a friend who will hopefully help me out once I ask her :)
 It was so overcast today but I was loving my outfit so I still took the photos. Unfortunately I couldn't get my editing to make it look better :/ I'm so bad at technical stuff.
 School has been going really well for me, and things are starting to finally turn for the better. I have a wonderful mother and daughter who I know will always love me, an amazing circle of friends who are truthful to me, and I am just happy to be alive.
 Thanks so much to everyone who follows my blog. I know I am sporadic with my posting, but as you can see, I am finding time to post more often.
 Thanks so much for reading and viewing my blog. It means so much to me that people read it daily, or even just view it once every now and then.
 The only downside of my week has been breaking up with my boyfriend. We made it one month, it's kinda sad. But life goes on, and sometimes, you have to let people go in order to grow. All I can do is pray for them and hope everything is okay.
Wearing an Old navy white 3/4 sleeve t-shirt, Luv-N-Ya-Style orange maxi dress/skirt, GoJane white and gold platform sandals, gifted black bowler hat, ASOS black and gold "La Mode" belt, thrifted black chain link necklace, Forever 21 gold stretch ring, Forever 21 gold and peach pearl ring, and Wet Seal ivory lace fingerless gloves

Sarah Jane R. 

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  1. that skirt is FABULOUS! great outfit :) xx


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