Friday, November 19, 2010

Runway My Way: Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2010 RTW

Yves Saint Laurent has been a pinacle part of fashion for decades, bring couture beauty as well as amazing ready-to-wear pieces. I'll never forget the happiness in finding a pair of his trousers from the 80s at a thrift store, as well as my depression when I couldn't fit them. But, despite that issue, the looks are full of life. The Fall 2010 collection was spectacular, filled with amazing neutrals and black shades in fabrics that were flowing yet structured. However, in true YSL style, there were fusions of color in a few looks that actually were more like splashes. One look in particular spoke to me.
Now some of you may not know but I am not a pink person...period. It always seemed like such a girlie color, and I did not do feminine and soft at all. However, as I got older, I realized that pink can be a strong color, and it doesn't make you a prissy girl if you wear it. Color can fit any personality type :) When I saw this look as I was looking at different show photos, it just screamed, "Translate me into your wardrobe please!"First, I started with an inspiration board (which actually features two looks from the YSL collection. This is Look #2. I will do Look #1 sometime soon).

This is how the look turned out:

 My Items:
Thrifted Fushia Blazer $8
Old Navy Black Tank Top $5
Rainbow Black Full Polyester Skirt $12.99
George Black Lace Top Thigh Highs $6
Wet Seal Black Platform Pumps $15
Strawberry Black Thick Knit Circle Scarf $15.99
Random Brand Black Lace Gloves $2
TOTAL LOOK: $64.98
 The way I made this look my own was by basically using what I had. I definitely don't have a long fuchsia coat, but I do own a fuchsia blazer. So, I took the concept of wearing a bright jacket and kept everything else black. Also, I added a chunky knit scarf in order to keep the look as covered up as the YSL look. I added lace gloves to give it that pizazz much like the feathers on the bottom of the dress and at the neckline create. Unfortunately, my photos came out blurry and I had no time to try and do the shoot over again. That's the problem with having to do it alone, sometimes it doesn't work out :/ But hopefully you guys still get the idea of the look.
 The best way to interpret this look is to remember these key things:
1) Have one major bright colored piece. As I mentioned last Friday when I did the Versace look, pick a color that you like the most. If you love pink and you're willing to try it, then go for it. If you like purple, wear a purple version. You have ti be comfortable with the color you choose because it's going to be the focus/statement piece in the look.
2) Keep everything else black. Again, much like the Versace look, I kept everything else in the ensemble black. The outerwear piece is the focus. For personal style, do whatever the hell you want, it's your life. But if you are recreating this look, keep everything else black, dress or top&skirt, shoes, and accessories. It keeps the look sophisticated.

There's nothing too hard about recreating this ensemble into real life styling. However, the one thing to remember always, is to wear what you love. If you want to wear two colors and black, then go for two complimenting colors. Just wear what makes you happy. These "Runway My Way" posts are just what they say; they are runway looks that I recreated with clothing in my closet. I'm a college student and single mother with a limited income, I can't afford YSL, hell I can barely afford the things I buy now. But I know how to work with what's in my closet :)
For more Runway My Way posts, check back every Friday here at Sarah Jane R. Styling!

Thanks for the support you guys!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. i love your take on it! very classic and chic :) xx

  2. I wish to have a fushia blazer,It looks very great on black skins.I like how you did your own YSL outfit.


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