Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby You're A Firework!

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 I found these shots and didn't realize I hadn't posted them yet lol. I was going to take photos today but it's entirely too cold for that. I stuffed in like 4 layers of clothing and did not feel very, well, "me" today :/
 I love this tunic, especially because it's leopard print and it's a sweater material. I also still adore my ASOS wedges. I wanted to wear them today with thigh highs but again, too damn cold. But I also wanted to say this. I was listening to "Firework" by Katy Perry, and it made me realize something. We are all different people and we should embrace and love ourselves for who we are. Never let someone tear you down because of who you love, what you look like, or what you love to do (within reason, not celebrating crimes). If you are a mixed girl with kinky hair, rock that afro and be happy. If you are a gay boy whose afraid people won't love him for who he is, be gay in both ways and shout it out! If you love anime and video games, be the video-anime person what you are. Of course no two people are going to enjoy all of the same things, so let's love each other for our differences and accept each other for who we are.
 I've been feeling inspired to do something different with my look. I am still planning on dying my hair hopefully. I may actually do it with henna. However, I know if I want the burgundy color that I have dreamed of, I'm going to have to bleach my hair :( If anyone knows of a way that I can get my hair a burgundy red without bleaching it, please let me know! I also am thinking of switching up my look again. I am really an eclectic person, or maybe I'm bipolar....who knows.
 I am going to be doing a business-like post tomorrow, as I am working on actually setting up my styling business :) I am so excited to do it. I am even thinking of making a Facebook for it as well, but that will come after I do my first styling job (in January). I want to thank everyone for their support thus far. Without your support, I probably wouldn't be getting noticed for what I do. I still haven;t found a proper job, but i know it's coming, sooner or later. Again, thanks so much for dropping by. And if you have any style inquiries, leave a comment here or you can check me out on Facebook. 
Wearing a thrifted Sag Harbor red blazer, Wet Seal leopard print sweater tunic, Forever 21+ brown tights, ASOS beige buckle wedges, Forever 21 gold three layer hoop earrings, Forever 21 red jeweled bangle, and random wholesale jeweler red jeweled ring (got it on my NYC trip).

Song of the Day: "Firework" by Katy Perry

Sarah Jane R.

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