Monday, January 10, 2011

The Drum of Life

Sometimes I wonder if this life I live is real.
I used to think me and the devil made a deal.
As long as I hurt others and kept my feelings inside.
I would be the one at the end alive.
Being cold to the world for so long made me realize.
That I was slowly beginning to die inside.
My heart was slowly stopping, my brain losing function.
My soul taken by evil through it's vacuum's suction.

 But as I rose this morning I began to see a new world.
I realize now that I am not the only girl.
A girl, a young woman, finally coming into my own.
Never will I feel that I am alone.
God has helped me take off the blindfold covering my eyes.
Revealing all of the truths and all of the lies.
The devil had me played for a fool for true.
Had me thinking that I'd never get over you.
The devil wanted me to lash out at my family.
The devil wanted me to have a mind unsteady.
But I found the light to lead me out.
So happy now I could scream and shout.
 I am free to fly and rise above it all.
God's love and support makes me feel infinity feet tall.
I am finally happy with who I have become.
I walk, dance, strut, and sing to the beat of my own beautiful drum.

The Drum of Life by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011
Wearing Thrifted Worthington yellow blazer, Jones New York leopard print long-sleeved top, L.E.I. for Walmart coral skinny jeans, Delicious tan studded gladiator heels via, Vintage gifted gold stud earrings, gold watch from a random store in NYC, and a Gifted gold burst ring

Hope everyone has a great Monday. As you can see, I am taking a different approach to my daily outfit blogging style. I have been writing poetry ever since I was younger. However, I feel like that I have lost touch with my "poetic justice". So, I will spare you guys my boring posts about my day and instead share with you some freestyle poetry. When I say freestyle, I mean I am writing the poems as I type. Of course, I will save them on my computer to make sure no one just steals my material. However, I hope you all like this new style for my outfit posts. Let me know what you think of the poem :)

Also, I will be doing a feature on Sundays based on my weight loss journey hopefully. Thanks so much for the support of my "Runway My Way" post. I will have another one this Friday :) I am still doing Fall 2010 because it's still freaking cold here lol. Again thanks so much for the support!

Sarah Jane R.

P.S. I will actually dedicate a day a week to share my favorite music as well, because music influences my style :)


  1. I absolutely adore that blazer, in fact you have now inspired me to make it my mission to find a bold blazer! I enjoy how you paired it with coral, two of my fav colours! Thanks for your comment dear, I'm a new follower!

  2. I am in love with that banana-yellow blazer and the combination with the pants! Very chic!
    I like writing poetry, too! I have to get into it again, though!

    Also, I really appreciate your supportive comments. You make me feel like I have a cheerleader to help me through this tough time! And Yes, I will visit some places but I am not allowed to go out on my own in Colorado yet because I am on orientation! I can't wait until these two weeks are up so that I can get out and experience the cool places... and SNOW!

    You are such a good friend and I am so happy that you support me :)

  3. very creative outfit and those shoes are to die for xoxo

  4. Perfect outfit for spring! Love the choice of color ;)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the mix of bold colors & the leopard print! You go girl! ;)

    Alexa Rae<3

  6. That poem was beautiful. I love the fact that you are getting inspiration from your poems and posting an outfit to suit. I find the more creative i am with my art work, and sketches the more adventurous and confident i feel about my outfits.

    i'd love to see more poems from you!

  7. Thanks for sharing the post!

    Visit my blog. If you follow I'll return the favor!

  8. I am loving the color combo that yellow blazer with the coral pants....awesome!!!!


  9. Absolutely lovely poem. Really. More please! Also, I love your color combo. Too cute! xx

  10. I love the bold colors in this outfit. You're style is impeccable, darling!

  11. your blazer is sop pretty! the colour looks so good on you!


  12. omg! the pink with the yellow is perfect. i want that blazer!

  13. Love the colour combo!

  14. I love the color of your pants!! :D

  15. love this look...I just happened to find your blog by chance like 20 mins ago and I'm liking what I'm seeing<===like it matters anyway haha! keep it up, hun!


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