Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 Spotted like a leopard she stands out in a crowd.
People stop and stare, and the music turns down.
She stands alone, not very good with friends.
However she has few she may have in the end.

Someone speaks up and asks, "Who are you, 
And why are you interrupting our color mood?"
In a sea of black, her spots are hard to miss.
But she wasn't expecting to hear a diss.

She says, "I am a woman, whose soul radiates from within.
And I am sorry I cannot fit the mold you all are in.
I tried to be cool and stick to the status quo.
But honestly you people are just a joke."

Gasps can be heard all over the room.
How dare she try to stray away and bloom?
"No one wants you hear changing things up.
You're making too much of a ruckus."

"I can't help who I am, for I was never the same.
To not accept change is truly very lame.
I am my own person, why should I be at fault.
I will keep going, I will not halt!"

The woman stands strong, and slowly sees change.
It all started with her, she's the one to blame.
People remove their coats of all black, with much time allotted.
And it all started with her walking in spotted. 

Spotted by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011
Wearing Croft&Barrows khaki trench coat, Candies black liquid leggings, Qupid beige platform pumps from Urbanog.com, H&M leopard print umbrella, Forever 21 leopard print wayfarers, and Vintage gifted gold clip on earrings.

Thanks so much for the support of my posts, you guys truly are an amazing group of people. Thanks to the new followers and I hope you all are enjoying the poetry I have been presenting. Inspiration really comes from the outfits when I get ready to post them :)

P.S. I was really drizzling outside when I was taking the photos, but I wanted pictures so bad, I decided to try and get some in the rain before it got worse. Right when I got under my car port after getting these three shots, it down poured. Talk about a lucky shoot!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. beautiful momma,,, keep up the good work.. Oh, When are you coming to do my closet.

  2. Such a sophisticated outfit! Love your umbrella!

  3. That is lucky! i looovee your trench coat!
    still loving the poetry too! :)

  4. this is SO incredibly adorable. So classic and lovely on you

  5. You are so creative and talented! I wish I could write such clever and interesting poetry.

  6. Sarah I love this one, it really speaks to me. And from what I can tell from your outfits and the things you talk about, I think it really says a lot about your personality and your drive to not fit into a little box. Keep being awesome.

    Btw, I love your trench coat it almost drove me to write a letter to Forever 21 cursing them out about canceling my trench coat order even though the size is still available, sigh.

  7. Love this look on you. Uber classy!!!!!



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