Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spotted Part 2

 Spotted, a woman with goals
She's fearless, wise, not cold
Compassionate, understanding, and true
Constantly smiling, never looking blue

 Spotted, a man searching for the one
No longer looking for games and fun
Maturing into the man he wants to be
Looking for a woman that's his cup of tea
Spotted, a child with huge goals and dreams
She's wise and uses her knowledge for schemes
Though young, she knows much of her world
And to her mother, she is the most amazing girl. 
 Spotted, a woman whose age knows no time
And whose wisdom is worth more than a dime.
She hopes her daughter can be everything and more
And knows that through her, her granddaughter will have an open door.
The grandmother, the daughter, mother, and man
Interacting with each other time and time again.
And though the mother-daughter-granddaughter relationship is never through.
One day the man and woman will become stable too.

Spotted by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

Wearing a Wet Seal leopard print tunic, Ashley Stewart brown braided belt, Michael Kors wide leg high waist jeans, Random Brand bronze gladiator sandals, Vintage burgundy leather clutch, Beauty Supply gold hoop earrings, and Forever 21 gold flower ring.

Thanks so much for the support of my Runway My Way post this past Friday. I have another one coming up for you this Friday as well :) I really hope you guys enjoy the poetry aspect of the posts too. I have enjoyed the feedback thus far and if you even have suggestions on other types of posts I should do, feel free to comment on it :) Thanks again for the support, from comments to followers, to views to features. This blog is always changing because I love trying new things. I know it's pretty hectic on here, but hopefully I will be able to make it simpler :) Any suggestions feel free to email or comment here. Thanks so much!

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful!


  2. Those pants are amazing on you!

  3. You look gorgeous! Wearing my favorite print!


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