Monday, May 16, 2011

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Ever wonder why we wear the clothes we wear?
Is it because we want to fit it, or do we actually like what we are wearing?
Sometimes, as I look at other personal style blogs, it makes me wonder...
Are they buying the most outrageous clothes because they love them or because they want more followers?

 I have never been one to judge but it just seems like personal style blogging is not what it used to be.
I personally wear clothes that I love and take inspiration from all over the place.
But there are some days when it just comes straight from the heart.
However, as a busy person as well as a practical person, I can't really walk around like I was spit out of a certain decade.
 I feel like some style blogs are more like people wearing costumes, and that it's like a costume party.
The people with the best costumes are the winners, while the rest are left to try their luck next time.
I am a person who believes in wearing what you love, no matter how many followers you have.
And if you every get that one person that hates what you have on, tell them to kick rocks.
 I am not saying every personal style blogger is wearing a costume
Nor am I saying they just wear clothes for their followers and not themselves.
But it seems to me that the world expects for every fashion blogger to be outrageous.
The world expects each of us (fashion bloggers) to be at a 300% level of fab, 24/7.
Honestly, I guess I'll never quite understand where I fit in.
I wear pretty normal stuff, with a few out there outfits.
But I am not trying to get followers or impress other people.
I just wear what I like, and I think that's what makes a true personal style blogger.

Personal Style Blogger by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

Wearing a Bongo beige sweatshirt from my mom, Old Navy dark blue denim high waist full skirt, Forever 21 white ankle socks, Rubi (from Cotton On) beige lace up wedge booties, Forever 21 dark brown Spy Bag-inspired tote, Forever 21 gold oversized hoop earrings, random gold stretch bracelet fron NYC, random red jewel cocktail ring fron NYC, and a random red ring from the mall.

A little spoken word for a Monday morning :) I have been in a daze since I started this weight loss plan. I really am trying to stick to the meal plan and exercise plan. But I don't want to forget about my actual style blog.

I just pretty much vented about personal style blogging. What are your views on the hobby? Is it a hobby to you or a business? Do you blog for fun or for the hope that you will be the next Karla Deras or Glamourai? What is your idea of great personal style?

Thanks so much for the comments on my last post as well as the new followers! I honestly do this for two reasons: To showcase my personal style and to hopefully work on adding actual styling work here. All of the looks I wear come from inspiration and my head. If I see something in a magazine that I like, but not really how it's styled, I will take the inspiration and style it to how I would wear it. But a lot of times, I sit in front of my closets (I have two in my room) and ponder for about 15 minutes over what I will wear. I love all of my clothes so much that I get too much inspiration at once, and then I just default to t-shirt and jeans.

I actually started creating looks using Polyvore in order to act as an online closet. It helps me get dressed in the morning, which gives me time to actually put on more than just a bold lipstick in the morning. If you have never used Polyvore, you should try it, I love it so much! I've done a few inspiration outfits on there and posted them here before too.

Well, I need to do a little bit of working out before I head to work. Thanks again for the support, as well as the support as I start this weight loss journey.

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.

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  1. Great words of empowerment! I totally agree with you. I hardly ever wear make up in my outfit posts when I do post them (as most fashion bloggers do), but that is because I take pictures of what I'm actually wearing, and how I actually look.


  2. Super cute casual outfit! I love that old school BONGO sweater! Your booties are fabulous! I agree with everything you are saying. I pretty much only post what I wear that day. I wear it all day (mostly what I wear to work, church or to some get together.)
    I don't just put it on to take a picture. I have always been dressy. It is just my personal style and I am comfortable that way. I have never been a jeans and tennis shoes sorta girl. My mother was a model and my entire family is into fashion so it was inevitable that it would rub off on me! Now don't get me wrong I don't wear floor sweeping dresses and heels when I go shop at the mall!! I will throw on some jeans and a tee in a minute! lol I do see some pretty outragously fabulous things on other blogs and I sometimes think to myself...are they REALLY wearing that out and about for the day? haha I'm with you. If you follow you follow...if you don' don't..BUT I guarantee you this...I am NOT going to lose any sleep over it! Sadly, I think some do. Every one has their own take on what fashion is to them and that is the great thing about PERSONAL fashion is your PERSONL take on the subject! Thank you for all of your sweet comments. I really like you and your style! Kiah

  3. u look amazing gurl...get it Sarah!

  4. Gorgeous! I love those wedges ;-)

  5. Great post! It made me think.

    I wear pretty normal stuff most of the time, but I post outfits whenever I feel like I've but a bit more effort into them.

    I think a lot of other girls do that too.

    Then again, I do know of girls who ALWAYS dress like they're ready to rock. That's too much of a time commitment for me.

  6. your shoes are so beautiful!

  7. Your shoes are really pretty =)

    (pardon my cap locks, was too excited)

    Jen xx


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