Monday, August 1, 2011

Two Years In The Making

 I remember when I first started this journey
I just wanted a small piece of the internet for myself
I figured if no one reads it, at least I can pass time and relieve stress
I never knew things would get quite like this.
 I didn't even post my own outfits until almost the end of the month
I never even dreamed of making this blog into a personal style blog
I just wanted a place to rant and rave and not feel like I have to hold back
But one day, I just decided to post my outfits.
 Showing off my personal style challenged me to try new things
Everyday, I wanted to dress up and wear whatever was in my mind
Of course, not every outfit was a success, but I learned what looks worked and what didn't
Ultimately, I developed my personal style in front of the whole blogging world.
 I can honestly say that everyone who reads my blog has followed me through ups and downs
Days where I hated what was going on and days where I was perfectly optimistic
But the fact that no one has left my side since then, makes me see the real meaning behind what I do
I do this not just for fun, but to connect with real people in a way I may never have done before
To the followers from the start to the ones just joining, I say thank you, from my heart
Thanks for listening to me whine and be pissed, as well as be happy on occasion
Thanks for dealing with my absences and lack of posts.
And most importantly, thank you for encouraging my dreams, and be honest friends.

Two Years In The Making by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

Wearing a thrifted African-print blouse, thrifted burgundy high-waist trousers, GoJane black and gold platform strappy sandals, Rubi black satchel, Family Dollar black turban, gifted gold chain necklace, Ebay gold men's watch, and random black skinny belt

I have officially been blogging for two years today :) I can honestly say that my intentions for this blog changed so drastically over the past two years. Initially, it was Love, Fashion, and Finding Me. The blog was more about reflection and less about my personal style. But all it took was one outfit for me to feel inspired to start turning this into a personal style blog. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have even 50 followers, much less over 100. I am so happy you all are giving me a chance to bring something to the table. The fact that I am so inspired by everyone who follows me only helps me to be a better blogger. I thank you all for your feedback, which helps me grow, as well as your recognition. I truly cannot thank you all enough for the support you all have shown.

I hate to be all mushy, but I really had to thank everyone. My dreams of being in fashion may be small scale right now, but I know that with hard work, I will get there and I will never forget my first You all gave me a chance and I appreciate it so much.

Big news to share coming within the next few weeks or so. When I have the final details, I will share with you all and I'm hoping you will all be as excited as I am.

Now is the time to ask for your help. If you feel that there's something missing from my blog that you all would love to see, leave a comment and suggest something. I want to try new things and definitely am excited to hear what you all can suggest. I have a few ideas in my mind but I'd like to also get reader feedback. If you don't want to leave it in a comment, send it via email (the email is on the right sidebar).

Again, thanks so much for following me on this journey. I won't be stopping anytime soon :) Hope you all have an amazing day!

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Love how many different elements and looks that are incorporated into this one outfit. A bit of African, a bit of Indian turban, etc.! :-)


  2. Good for you! TWO YEARS That's awesome! Thank you for that comment on my blog. I almost cried just because, it is true. It's hard getting to the point of loving yourself fully and knowing who you are. I am working at it! And I will pray for you, also, friend. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, also! That's so nice! I'm glad I have you as a blogging buddy :)

    Congratulations and keep your head held high, I'll will, too!

    xoxx Monica


  4. Cool outfit!

  5. You look beautiful, and I really enjoy reading your blog. You have such creative, lovely outfits. I'm glad you post them!!

  6. love visiting your blog.

    J x

  7. 1) This outfit is BOMB as fu*K, the pants are flawless, paired with the pattern, perfect.

    2) Thanks for the kind words, they do mean a lot. :)

  8. Wow....... this was beautiful....... You are such a beautiful person. Wow you say you bow down to me??? Hunny!! I bow down to you. YES YES YES!! Everything about this is winning... Can you mail me that shirt please?? I love bold patterns and those pants... DONE.i. I just can't right now.. this is FABULOUS

  9. love this pants looks so nice:)want to inite you to check out my asos giveaway.wish you an nice day..La Folie 


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