Saturday, December 10, 2011


 Sometimes, you get stuck in a rut.
Life becomes hectic.
Seems like you have time for nothing but work, school, and taking care of the family.
So, the things you used to love to do, they fall to the side, forgotten.

 You try hard to hold on to the dreams you had as a kid.
Always believing that you would never give up.
But as time has passes, goals and dreams have changed.
And that childhood dream seems impossible to attain.
It's hard to be optimistic especially in the world we live in.
Everyday it seems tragedy strikes us.
Yet there are a few moments of hope.
So if the world can have some hope, shouldn't we in our personal lives?
 It's imperative that we don't let our dreams die.
We have to have hope that life may not be how we planned it to be.
But the beautiful thing about life is that you determine your destiny in some way.
You can accomplish your dreams in small dosages or in one big BANG!
 I dream to work in fashion.
I may not be where i want to be just yet.
But there have been too many signs that this industry is the one for me.
And on days where i want to give up on my dreams, I remember this:
 Coco Chanel struggled and she became an icon.
Mary J. Blige has trials and tribulations, but she kept pushing and is the Queen of Hip Hop/Soul.
Tyler Perry went from living in his car to being one of the most successful people in film and theater.
These people struggled, but through their struggles, they achieved their dreams. So please...
Don't give up.
Don't let go.
Keep believing.
Keep dreaming.

Dreams by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

Black Blazer: Worthington, Lime Cropped Tee: Alloy, Cut-off Jean Shorts: Thrifted Lee Denim
Black Tights: Random, Leopard Booties: Wild Diva, Black Faux Croc Satchel: Bueno
Black Turban: Family Dollar, Gold Necklace: Body Central 
Bangles on left: Forever 21 Bangles on right: Walmart/Alloy

About the poem: I was inspired by my current struggle with whether to continue on with my dreams of becoming a freelance wardrobe consultant or to just try and get a "regular" job after college. I mean, yes I will definitely have to work in order to eat, but I wanted to also have my own consulting business.  I am even applying to have a minor in Entrepreneurship. But part of me feels like me dreams are just that...dreams. People don't have time or money for those kinds of services anymore. I am thinking about taking a more educational career path, possibly working for a university. I guess we'll have to see since I graduate next fall.

About the outfit: Ok, so the benefit to my recent illness is that I have lost some more weight. I am down to 193 pounds now. This means that my high waist shorts don't show as much tummy rolls anymore. I decided to make this cropped top+ high waist cut-off shorts combo a little more classy by adding a blazer, black tights, and a bold shoe. I honestly threw this together in about 15 minutes.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am planning on cleaning my room some more and getting rid of more clothes. I know, it's sad but I have way too many and other people would get more use than I would. But you already know I am replenishing at the same time lol.

Here's a video I saw this morning on Tumblr that came from YouTube. It's so inspiring, I couldn't pass up posting it here. Enjoy and be inspired!

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. You are beautiful! I love the vid! I am following!

  2. Fashion and getting dressed up definitely helps to get me out of my the shoes!!

  3. Cute outfit, girl! Love the color of your top. And I hope you feel a lot better now!



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