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Hello loves! Ok, as you all know, H&M is one of the most popular stores to purchase on trend pieces that are of good quality and at a great price. Between the amazing basics and the designer collaborations, you'd be a fool not to give H&M a try.

With that said, for us plus size fashionistas, purchasing items at H&M usually meant looking for items that had a crap load of spandex/cotton, or a draped/loose structure. Well ladies, those days are coming to an end, or at least to a partial end.

H&M has had a plus size section in its stores called "Big Is Beautiful", but now, the company has decided to connect it to the brand as "H&M+". H&M+ is already being advertised on their official websites, but will soon be effective in their stores worldwide. The size range for the line will be UK 18-28 (US Size 14-24). 

To say that this is long overdue is an understatement. Hopefully with H&M, The Limited, and Forever 21 leading the way for plus size fashionistas to obtain clothes that have personality, maybe American Apparel will widen its waistlines past an XL in more of their clothing. A girl can dream right?

In the meantime, here are a few pieces from H&M+ that I have seen on their website so far:

Of course they have the basic black colors but I wanted to show more of the colorful options. No sign of dresses, skirts, blazer, or much from the other categories found in the "regular" sizes, but they are still in the process of adding more to the collections. Opinions so far?

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.

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