Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Damn You Alexis

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Damn you Alexis 
So, I received an email from Cara Tedesco from Di Moda Group about a plus size line called Damn You Alexis. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to check out their lookbook.

According to their official website, "Damn You Alexis is a Sydney based fashion label focused on introducing a designer aesthetic to the plus size market." The designer behind the line, Megan Moir Pardy, launched her line initially in early 2010 with the intention "to fill a void in the plus-size market by producing sophisticated, well designed pieces for fashion savvy girl in sizes 16 to 24."

I would have to say that from their lookbook, I am in love with the line. The fact that they use quality fabrics for the line is something that a plus size fashionista like my self appreciates. Many time, plus size line offers trendy clothing but the quality of the fabric is cheap and the clothes don't even last that long. The line offers clothing made from silk, spandex, modal cotton, and nylon. Of course, every plus size diva knows that spandex in clothing is our best friend.

The price range for a collection with this caliber of quality shouldn't be much of a shock. The clothes range from $49 AUD ($51 in U.S. Dollars) for a draped tank top or crop top to $400 AUD ($414 in U.S. Dollars) for a silk maxi dress. Of course, as plus size fashion addicts, we know that sometimes, we just can't find what we want by thrifting, and making the clothes yourself isn't always convenient. With that said, I am not suggesting that you spend your entire checking and savings on purchasing the clothes. However, I suggest that if you want something classic with a rocker edge, I would definitely make a purchase at Damn You Alexis.

Here are some pieces from their website that I would definitely have in my closet.

If you would like more information about pricing, sizing, shipping, and even to learn more about the company, you can check out their official website at www.damnyoualexis.com

Sarah Jane R.

NOTE: All photos and information about the line comes directly from the line's official website.

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