Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let Me Sleep On It

 As I sit and wonder how time moved so fast,
I realize that time isn't moving fast...I'm just moving slow.
How strange that it seems like yesterday, I was a freshman in college.
And now in December, I will be entering the "9-5" corporate jungle.
 I've though about many options for what I will do after I get my B.S. degree.
Will I go to Grad School? It seems like a smart choice.
I can get a Grad Assistantship and get help paying tuition.
Yet I would probably still need loans.
 Maybe I'll just find some full-time "9-5" job.
I could work for a variety of companies.
I can climb the corporate ladder.
And eventually, be the boss.
 Maybe I'll get a second undergraduate degree.
I could try Psychology.
Maybe even do Entrepreneurship.
Who says being a Super Senior is so bad?
 If full-time work doesn't seem in reach, I can work two part-time jobs.
I could work in clothing and in shoes.
I can still work my way up the ladder.
But it's so much shorter than the bigger companies.
 I should definitely go cold-turkey and start my own business.
I always wanted to work in fashion and image consulting.
I could gather up a team, and make something so unique that every customer would wat access.
And i'd be able to sit on my money. happy and rejoicing.
 With all of these choice, sometimes I want to scream!
"Why can't i get better than a B on these assignments?"
"Having a low GPA is going to look bad to employers."
Somebody save me!
At the end of the day, you must remember
You are the most amazing person you know.
You deal with all your stress, yet you never put time to release it.
I guess I'll have to sleep on these decisions.

Let Me Sleep on It by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2012

Black 3/4 Sleeve Tunic: Sag Harbor Woman (Thirfted), Khaki Stretch High-Waist Pants: Rainbow
Black Lace-Up Platform Booties: A'Gaci, Black Clutch with Gold Chain Detail: Forever 21
Lion Door Knocker Earrings: Anne Klein, Gold Chain Link Necklace: Forever 21
Gold Bangles: GirlProps, Gold Leaf Ring: GirlProps, Gold Rhinestone Ring: Charlotte Russe
Black Eyeliner: N.K. Cosmetics, Black High Definition Eyeshadow: N.K. Cosmetics
Pale Pink "Wifey" Lipstick: Ka'oir Cosmetics, Pink "Glassy Gloss" Lip Gel: Wet 'n' Wild

About The Poem: I am graduating this December and I have no idea what I am going to do with my life. Hence the poem. I needed to reflect on some things right now.

About The Outfit: I really threw it together, both the morning look with flat boots and the original with booties. Of course, I wore flat boots to work because I was running late and needed fast walking shoes. What's a coincidence is that my blouse has a twin in my office's Career Closet (for students who need proper business attire). I just love the classic black and khaki combination. When I'm rushing, I really wear more classic looks. And because my office has a sort of strict dress code, I can't be as extreme as I want.

I know it's been a while since I posted anything on the blog, much less did a photo post. I actually had time today to take a photo of today's look. Blogger has changed a bit since I last posted on here. I actually can reply to comments, which is awesome. I promise to start replying to them from this post on! You guys will see me a little more than usual because I'll be on Spring break, but I'll make sure to be productive :).

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.


  1. I like the outfit on you and it's good to see you back again. I just love the poem because I can actually relate to it.
    BTW; i see that you still have me on your blogroll, which is awesowe off course. But I just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog name (Ethnique Island). So might wanna change that too :)


    1. I made the change on my blogroll :) I'm glad you like the post too. I'm trying to make sure I post more often.

  2. Love your outfit, those boots honey! Great blog too! Now following.

    1. Thanks for following! I really appreciate it.

  3. Oh my gosh you look AMAZING. I love this outfit. Those shoes make your legs go on for miles. I've always loved this color combination, too. It's such a nice, classic look.

    1. Thanks Kirstin! Yea I felt soooooooo super tall in these heels. I definitely want to invest in more pairs. You can never go wrong with black and khaki (unless it's ill-fitting).

  4. Love your booties! That clutch is cute too!

  5. Super cute look! Love the bangles and the booties!

  6. Yay you're posting! I love this! Great tie top and amazing boots! :)

  7. Cute look, i really like your accessories

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  8. love your writing!! :) always so empowering. keep doing your thing.

  9. cute outfit x

  10. I really love your outfit, specially your shoes ♥
    And your writing is very deep.
    Love it ! Keep on going :)

    Kisses, Saut&Laine.


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