Sunday, July 1, 2012

Operation Lockdown

Life involves a lot of challenges
Some are easy to handle, while others make you wonder "Why me?"
Lately I've been feeling like everyday is a test
And all I'm asking for is to pass my final

 Constant family drama is what everyday has been like since January
Between the yelling, fighting, hurt, stress, and pain
I can only wonder why I haven't jumped from a building
I just keep waiting on my world to change for the better
There's a number of reasons why I try not to complain in life
There are people who have harder lives than mine
There are people suffering more than I am
So really, I should be thankful for what I have...and I am 95% of the time
 That difficult 5% is what gets me the most
It seems like when everything is going smooth, that 5% just has to mess it up
Sometimes the %% is a situation, but lately it's been a person
This person, who shall remain anonymous, has caused my family way too much pain
This person doesn't care about who they hurt or step over
They just want to do what they want to do: have sex with random people and stay out late
Many times I've told this person that their actions will result in major consequences
But they didn't listen, and eventually paid a large price for it
But because this person is not of adult age yet, they are getting a slap on the wrist
But since they live under my house, I'm putting my foot down
They will no longer cause myself, my mother, or any of out family members more stress
It's time for me to stop being polite, and to start being real.

Operation Lockdown by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2012

Unicorn T-shirt: Forever 21+, Black Shorts: Lauren Ralph Lauren (Thrifted)
Lace Up Booties: A'Gaci (no longer available but can purchase similar pair here)
Ankle Socks: Forever 21, Woven Clutch: Thrifted, Scarf (as headband): Gifted
Bamboo Hoops: Forever 21, Wooden Bracelet: Thrifted, Lipstick: Ka'oir Wifey

About the Poem: I needed to release some of the anger and frustration I've been feeling over some family issues. Sometimes, I just can't be as positive as I want to be.

About the Outfit: My best friend Arienne stayed at my house for the weekend and we decided to play dress up...well I decided to play dress up and she played photographer. I think she did a pretty awesome job. I usually try to only post pictures of what I wear everyday, but sometimes, I just want to have fun. 

Life has been pretty hectic lately but I hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far!

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Sarah Jane R.


  1. Aaaah Girl! I am going through it all too. I just hope to one day pass this stage in my life as well, and move forward to what God has in store for me. I know he has a plan for the both of us. You are doing the right thing by putting your foot down to protect you and the rest of your family, and I would like to also add, despite your pain and frustrations you look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures, especially where you are smiling. Keep your head up boo and continue to smile. Trust me it will heal your wounds =)

    1. You exactly said what I wanted to say,I'm sure one day everything will be fine.Though it's very difficult and stressful
      keep faith and trust God and trust yourself always :)
      By the way can you delete my blog name ( and hope you remember me I'm from france I have locks too).Because I will launch my new blog in september.But in the meantime you can put my new blog link

  2. AHHHH I was mentioned and Hmmm maybe I should take up photography!!! And I'm always here for you thru the good times and bad homie! I'm just a phone call away. Love u like a sister!!!

  3. True, we should be grateful all the time! It so couldve been worse... Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love how you write your entries as poems. Love it! This is an awesome, fresh look. :) Your friend did a good job with the photography, too! :)

  5. I love love the top, so cool!!!! :)

    xo Emma


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