Monday, August 31, 2009

About my day...

No comments: was a pretty good day. I'm officially 5 pounds from my goal weight. It's been almost a year since I started this exercising and eating right thing, and my weight went up and down. But finally, I'm feeling like people see a change.

Oh, and Amerie ate hot dogs this past weekend with her Grandma (her dad's mom) and she's started throwing up a lot today. I think it's the hot dogs cause I can't really eat them anymore and neither can my mom. And let's not even talk about Vienna Sausages. But she finally fell asleep while listening to her CD mix I made for her on my stereo. I need to get her bedroom set up because she's been sleeping in my bed (I know it's bad to do that, but she's gonna be two this November) and she needs to get used to sleeping on her own. I have a towel under her in case she throws up again. I'm praying it's just something that didn't agree with her stomach.

I've been working on homework all this weekend and today. Finally finished, can't wait for my World Religions test, cause I truly enjoy the teacher and the class. Since I'm done with my work, I decided to do a post and now I'm off to create some amazing outfits. C-ya!

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