Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Coming Out!

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Jacket- Max Rave
Tunic- Old Navy
Belt- Wet Seal
Skinny Jeans- Max Rave
Flats- Max Rave
Hoop Earrings- Wet Seal
Bracelet Watch- Wet Seal
Went to class, actually did a pretty good job on my first PreCalc quiz. Turned in my assignment yesterday online, then the teacher decided to move the deadline to midnight tonight. Oh, bought some amazing pieces online. Check em out here

Now the blazer and trousers are actually from J.C. Penney and only look like the ones in the picture, they are not those exact items. I can't wait for them to be shipped and delivered. I'm also waiting on another few packages coming Thursday or Friday. I'll probably post when i get those items in.

So I took these pictures with my daughter and man, I honestly can say she is my world. Some parents say it and don't mean it, but I love her so much. She's full of happiness and energy. She's my number one. Sorry, I'm getting a little emotional, because so much goes on in my life, but looking at her makes it all worth it. Well, I got studying to do so...C-ya!

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