Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's Play A Love Game

Old Navy Shirt Dress, Random Store's Red Flat Sandals, F21 Belt, F21 Headband, Wet Seal Hoops, Walmart Watch

Today was pretty good, except I did not go to the gym today, and i drank an Iced Coffee from McDonalds that taste great going down but had my stomach in a uproar. I decided to go for my tried and true look of a basic/neutral with pops of color. I of course went to class, and had an interesting revelation: College is like throwing money in the garbage. I am taking all of these random classes for my Gen Ed requirements and I haven't even begun to start the courses for my major. I'm determined to get my Bachelor's in Business Management, but dang, people at community college are going to have the degree before I do :/

I want to take time out to thank everyone who has shown me love on my blog. I truly appreciate it and it keeps me posting. I know I'm not the most amazing beauty or that I have the most original style, but seeing even one comment on a post makes me feel special. I want to give a special shout out to Elaine at clothedmuch. Elaine, you have been supportive of my blog for a while now, and your blog has given me much inspiration to my personal style and combinations that I can try for my future career as a fashion stylist. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. Anyone who has every commented on my blog I try to follow, because this blogging movement has the potential to create jobs, and extend communication across the globe. Again thank you for the support and i hope to get some more followers/avid readers :)

Speaking of Blogs, I want to list some of the blogs that I check on a daily basis:

OMG, so I was going to do another post for the You Better Work Honey!!! part of my blog, but I'm really tired so i'm going to end this now and I will make a really large post tomorrow :)

FYI- I've been wearing Dark Jade nail polish for the past week on my toes and yesterday on my nails.  Now Who What Wear is saying the regular shade of Jade is in right now. I love my nails, so yea, not going to change them. Just thought I'd mention it :) C-ya!


  1. loooving that hairbow
    sooo cute and chic!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out!!!! That made me so happy :D. LBDs are so versatile....I love them! Except I only have one and I need to get it hemmed!!! And good luck with your classes....Gen Ed classes are always a pain in the rear!!


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