Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally, the Birthday Picture You've Been Waiting On


Faith 21 Dress, Betsey Johnson Belt, Urban Originals Heels, Ebay Gloves, Fabuless Hoops, Rainbow Necklace, Goodwill Bangles, Mom's Bangles, Claire's Bracelet

So this is the actual ensemble I wore when I went out for my birthday. I actually let my guy friend borrow one of my gloves because he felt he needed something for his ensemble. Unfortunately, didn't take pictures of said guy friend, but it's cool I guess. I'm sorry the background is my messy room, but we were in a rush and I wanted to get a good picture before I looked a hot mess from dancing in the club :) I had so much fun and hope to make my best friend's 21st even better :) I love the dress, and it will probably be seen again, especially since it's apart of my Halloween costume. The shoes hurt like hell, but it was the back of my foot thaty kept getting chaffed by the zipper back that killed me. I brought a cute motorcycle jacket with me for when we left so I wouldn't freeze to death. I didn't even bring it in the club so I was cold the whole walk to the car :( I actually got to chill with a dude that I have a majot crush on (guy friend to my best female friend) and hopefully, him and I can be great friends, then we can take it from there. And the best part, he love fashion! Yay!

Now, today, was a really bad day. I was sick, with a sore throat, headache, queasy stomach, body aches, the works. I took my temp and had a slight fever. So, I missed a test for one class and notes for another. I was thoroughly pissed off. I hate missing class, I'm such a dork. Then, I had to turn in some paperwork in order to keep my insurance, which was due last week but I couldn't get the information until today, so I hope i still have insurance. Then, we (my mom and I) had to get my sister a money order (she's in jail) before 3pm, otherwise they wouldn;t be able to get her any money until Thursday. She needed to buy snacks and a long sleeve shirt. I feel bad for her, but it's her fault she's in there. But all I can do is pray for her. But on a happier note, I did attempt to look decent today

Faith 21 Jacket, Wal-Mart Top, Wet Seal Skinny Jeans, Traffic Motorcycle Boots, Fabuless Hoops, Goodwill Bangles
I have made a major decision. I have decided to make this blog primarily about my everyday ensembles. I have also created a new blog on word press for my styling tips, fashion news, and things of that nature. I will still post my YouTube videos here for everyone, but they will be geared towards things on my other blog. The blog is titled The Interesting Stylish Mom In College. Definitely go check it out if you want :) Well, I'm going to bed because I've had a long day. Until tomorrow, C-ya!


  1. Nice jacket babe!
    X, fashion-nerdic

  2. Sarah your birthday outfit is HOT!!!! Love your dress!! I'm glad to hear you had a good time....and a new guy friend huh?!? ;) ;) Sorry about being sicK! I am too. Booo....this stinks because it's so hard to work and go to school when your body feels sluggish. Anyway, hopefully this blogger bug will go away :D


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