Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guess Who's Back...

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K-Mart Jacket, Wet Seal Shirt, Wet Seal Shorts, Traffic Booties, Vintage Bag, F21 Hoops, Goodwill Bangles

Goodwill Jacket, Old Navy Tee, Wet Seal Belt, H&M Jeans, Wal-Mart Loafers, Vintage Nine West Bag, Wal-Mart Watch, Wal-Mart Pearl Studs

So, I've been MIA for about a week or two, and this is the part where I explain why. I was sick, if you did not remember from the last post, and I ended up missing more classes and having to make up all of that work. And let me tell you, I was not looking too cute. So, instead of scaring you with my attire, I decided to focus on my make up work and make sure I had a great photo to share when I got back. Now, with that said, I love this ensemble, even though I didn't wear it today. I did however wear the second ensemble, with the green jacket. The first ensemble, the jacket was a pretty sweet steal at $10 at K-Mart, they were going out of business :(. The shoes were on clearance at Traffic Shoes for $10 as well. The bag is my favorite steal from my mom :) She always gives me her old bags when she's done with them. The shirt is actually a tunic I tucked in. I usually hate tucking in shirts, but since I have a blazer covering my love handles, I'm ok with it :). The shorts are my crossover from summer, since it's still 90 degrees outside some days. I can't wait to wear layers soon. The second ensemble, I ordered the jacket from Shop Goodwill and it fits nicely, and feels comfortable. The jeans I've had for some years now, and I even wore them during my first trimester. The shoes I saw at Wal-Mart and said, "Tan Patent Loafers? So mine!" They kind of hurt though, because the front part digs into my foot after a while, other than that I love them. The bag was originally my mom's as well, so cute with the shoes. I felt very preppy casual today. I got a lot of compliments so I guess I'm not doing too bad lol.

So Halloween passed and I must say, I did not dress up as planned. I was so busy with school and my funds are kinda low since I don't have a job, I decided to let Amerie enjoy her time. Again, I'm going to update this soon with a picture of her costume. She was a ladybug, and yes, I did take some of her candy. She's not even two, so she does not need all of it :). I got a picture of her with another ladybug, I though it was too cute. This was her first time trick or treating, and we did it safely at the local mall. She was confused at first, but in the end she had a great time.

Also, I have something to add to the "love" portion of my blog...I am dating again. Ok, maybe not dating, but I'm associating myself with two guys, yet I'm not exclusive with either, just testing the waters to see what's out there again. One guy, he's a typical guy from my area, the other, well, let's just say he is mighty fine and I'm giving him a little more attention than the other guy. Now mind you, neither one has popped a question, "Will you be my girlfriend?". "Will you be my lady?", "Can we build a future together?" or anything like that, so as far as I'm concerned, I am single and still ready to mingle, ok! I just feel like my style has helped me to become for confident, and I feel fierce when I step out of the door. Yes to finally feeling beautiful!

Also, I was featured on a blogging/fashion website 2 days ago, and since I'm just updating this blog today, I decided to share it with you. Celebrity Looks For Less is an amazing website that helps you replicate celebrity style at an affordable price. I ended up submitting an application for their "Reader Look For Less" section, and was featured November 1st. A big shout out goes to Jennifer at Celebrity Looks For Less for featuring me on the site. If you would like to apply, fill out the application here. Good luck and thanks again Jennifer!

Well, I am going to study for my math test tomorrow. Eww, I just realized finals are in a month...AHHHH!!!!!! Until next time, C-ya!

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