Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's A Wonderful World

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First Pic: Nicole by Nicole miller Top, DIY Boyfriend Capri Jeans, Old Navy Sandals, Random Fedora, Forever 21 Pearl Necklace, Walmart Watch
Second pic: Old Navy Tunic Top, Wet Seal High Waist Skinny Jeans, Wet Seal Heels, Forever 21 Hoops, Forever 21 Necklace, Walmart Watch

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was sooooo sleepy, and I had a test to study for. I'm so pissed at myself because I screwed up the last question by over thinking it :( But it's all good cause I did the extra credit and hopefully nailed it :) My daughter is actually with her aunt, but I do have some pictures to share of her own personal styling efforts


Children's Place Tee, Old Navy Skirt, Random Hat in the House
Isn't she adorable? I just love her, and I can definitely see the potential. Ok, so she hates shoes, but other than that, I think she nailed it :) I miss her already, but she'll be back tomorrow :) And then it's back to chaos.

Ok, I want to apologize for having the same background. Right now, our home outside is infested with fleas from cats that live across the street at someone's house. the cats always come in our yard and always get fleas in it. Also, I have a pretty hectic schedule, and never seem to have time to take a picture until I get home around 6pm. Hence, why all of my pictures are taken in the same spot. Also, our house is a mess and I don't want to subject you to the horror. But now that I've figured out how to time my photos on my camera, I should be able to take some photos other places besides that one spot by myself :)

I'm about to get random here...don't you love this whole rocker chic thing going on in fashion right now? I love the leather jackets, thigh high boots, motorcycle boots, leather leggings, the list goes on. Well, I decided to do a Polyvore ensemble set up for 3 main ensembles a rocker chic woman would wear. The first is for everyday casual, the second for a night out with the girls or even a first date, and the third is for church or Corporate America aka work. Let me know what you think. Completely styles by myself :)

I'm super excited for my birthday, and even more excited because my professor pushed back an assignment two weeks because some people didn't know how to do it properly. The assignment was originally due on my birthday but now I have two weeks after that to bring it in. I've been working on it trying to get it done before my birthday, but now I can relax a little :) I'm also excited because...I will be starting a YouTube channel for my blog :) I am going to start featuring some of the places I shop at around town, as well as interview some people from local clothing businesses. I also plan to do styling tutorials, featuring myself, a plus size friend of mine, and a thinner friend of mine :) This is huge for me because I knew I needed to take the extra steps, but I just didn't feel ready for it. The segments probably won't last very long considering my digital camera can take at the most 4 minute videos, but that's what editing is for :) I hope that it will help push my career further. Oh, and don't worry I'm goign to be posting the videos here too :)

I want to take a moment and thank everyone who has every just checked my blog out, who reads it on the regular, or even people that don't like my blog. I'm not a big high fashion person as far as my own personal style, but I just hope to branch from just me talking about my life, and sharing my love of fashion with the world through my life. Again thanks, and until tomorrow, C-ya!

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