Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cheaply Chic: Rihanna at Chanel Fashion Show

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So, The Fashion Bomb did a post on a look for less for Rihanna's ensemble she wore to the Chanel Paris Fashion Week Show. Well, I felt that some of their items were more than what I would be willing to pay. So, I decided to do my own "Look For Less" version. I call my segment "Cheaply Chic". So, here's Rihanna in her ensemble
Now, here is my inspired ensemble

GoJane Ruffle Sheer Tube Top $12
Forever 21 Fab High Waist Knit Skirt $9.50
GoJane Pointed Toe Pump $15
Forever 21 Duo Tone Chain Bead Necklace $7.80
Forever 21 Curvy Topline Sunglasses $5.80
Wet Seal Quilted Cross Body Clutch $19
Total : $69.10

The ensemble chosen by The Fashion Bomb (minus the skirt because they did not show a price due to it being sold out) was $187.24. My entire ensemble is priced at $69.10. Now, I just want to say there is no beef with The Fashion Bomb. I am an avid follower and their blog was actually the first fashion blog I started reading. I just wanted to do my own version because 1. I love Rihanna's style and 2. I know some women just cannot stretch their dollar further than $100. I hope you enjoyed the post. Leave comments and tell me what you think!

Thank you to for the photo of Rihanna and Prince that I cropped for my post!


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