Thursday, October 8, 2009

Whatta Man, Whatta Mighty Good Man ;)

Max Rave Vest, BSA Club Tee, Old Navy Skinny Jeans, J.C. Penney Flats, Random Red Scarf, Fabuless Hoops, Fabuless bangles, and Walmart Watch

I was so excited when I discovered All of their stock is $1.99 or under. I ordered two sets of bangles and four pairs of earrings for my self, and two sets of bangles and two pairs of earrings for my sister. I just love getting cheap trendy items, instead of possibly losing my real gold hoops :) The tee shirt is from an organization that I am apart of on campus, called The Black Student Association. No, we are not all "Black Power bring down the white man". We are a group of minority African American students who want to make their presence known on campus. Anyone can join, whether they are black or not. It's mainly a minority group that respects black culture and wants to see more African-American events on campus, or changes in our favor. We connect with the student body through our open campus events as well as participating in great charity work. I love the group, because we are like one dysfunctional family :) Oh, and I was able to change the background because my mom sprayed the fleas outside and they were not there this time :) And yes, I live in the ghetto, but hey, at least I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, and a safe place to sleep at night...well, 2 outta 3 aint bad :/

I took a quiz in math which I failed, but I think it's only worth maybe 5 points. I have a 99% in the class so I'm not going to stress. I just have to make sure I study for the next one on Tuesday (My birthday, grrrr!) I also participated in an event sponsored by the Multicultural Affairs Office called the Unity BBQ. BSA had a hair braiding booth, but I cannot braid so I helped recruit and participated in the drum circle. It was such a great event where people could come out and chill. I love my campus because it's small, so people can actually connect and make lasting friendships :)

My daughter won't be home until tomorrow. Her aunt's car is in the shop in another city where they are and it was supposed to be done today. However, it ended up not being finished, but should be by tomorrow morning. When she comes back I'll take some more photos of her ensembles. I would show her face, but my blog is open to everyone, so I want to keep her identity private, no offense to anyone at all.

I want to share another ensemble I put together through PolyVore. I want to be Madonna for Halloween, but I want to put my own twist on it, make it a little different than everyone else. So, I am going to get a blond wig a la Marilyn Monroe, but the ensemble will be slightly different.
Is that a pretty good take on Madonna? I know she wears the tutu, but I hate tutus so yea, I'm wearing a similar 80s style of dress. If you celebrate Halloween, please share your costume ideas :)

So, I want to share that I have a crush on this dude and I’m like, kinda confused, but he doesn’t even know and I can’t let my feelings show. So I make casual conversation, and dream all my days in. But maybe one day he’ll see that there could be a we, and speaking of we, which should be him and me, what am I to do, has this ever happened to you?

H&M is finally opening two stores in Florida, one is at Seminole Town Center mall and the other is in Orlando at The Florida Mall. The openings will be Thursday, October 15th at 12 noon. Now mind you, I live 2+ hours away from there and I won't be able to miss class that week so, I will have to check them out the following week. But when I go, I will definitely be posting a video or pictures or maybe both :) I'm so happy, even though it's so far away. I'm going to make sure it's worth the trip :)

Well, I have some cleaning to do, as well as some studying. But until next time, C-ya!


  1. H&M is Florida? Finally! I'm surprised that there isn't one in Miami atleast :/

  2. im def hittin up that website thanks !


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