Thursday, November 19, 2009

Late Night Posting...

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So, today was a rather busy day. I had to be at school at 10am, was there at 9am because my mom had to go to work then and she was my ride to school (I don't have my license). I had to be at school at 10am to drop off food for a multicultural feast held by the Multicultural Affairs office at my school. Then, at around 12, the feats started, i actually won a dance contest during the feast. This Latin dancer came in and taught us basic steps, but since I've been dancing since I was a little kid (not tooting my own horn at all), they were really easy. The best female and male dancers got a gift card, and I won! Exciting yes! Then, I went over to check on Homecoming festivities and danced some more there. I ended up not being able to meet up with my Western Civ group because of the feast. I was really mad because I need a good grade on the project to maintain my grade I have in the class now, but I digress. I then went to math where i received my next test, which is a take home test, very happy about that. I also took a quiz where I messed up the first question, grrr! Thankfully, quizzes don't take up a lot of the grade. I also edned up participating in a poetry slam held by one of the organizations I am apart of. I will have pictures of the outfits tomorrow :).

So, Amerie's birthday was yesterday, and she had a great time. Unfortunately, I couldn't even spend it with her because I had to be at an event for school that evening, and pretty much was gone all day for classes :(. Being in organizations for school is great for your college resume, but is rough when you are trying to raise a child. I don't know how I am going to do this next semester, I am going to have to be straight up with the president and say I can't be doing as much as i did this semester. I am missing out on my child's life for other people, which in my heart doesn't feel right. She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping, it just calms me down. Ameri had some cupcakes and ice cream, she loves cake and ice cream, and she'll have more at her party this weekend. I will definitely post pictures for everyone.

Well, I need sleep, but here are photos of her ensemble from her bday! Until next time, C-ya!

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