Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Even Though I Try, I Can't Let Go

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Aeropostale Plaid Tunic, Old Navy Tank Top, DIY Harem Jeans, Urban Originals Platform Pumps, Max Rave Tote, Gifted Gold Hoops, F21 Necklace, Fabuless Bangles

Today was a pretty average day. My Western Civ teacher announced that there will be no class Thursday, which is fabulous because I have soooooo much stuff I have to do Thursday, it's ridiculous. I am also excited because tomorrow, my baby will be 2 years old. It's so weird to think 2 years ago, I had my daughter. My mindset back then was so different than it is now, and I have my daughter to thank for that. So many happeninfs coming up, so little time. Oh, and my math teacher gave me great news as well, this coming test is a take home test, can you say happiness? It's been a day of good news...well almost good news. My sister, who has been in jail for the past two months, had court today and she was not released. It's just depressing because she had such a future ahead of her, and I always looked up to her, it disappoints me to see her in this situation, especially when it didn't have to be this way. Hopefully by her next court date, they will allow her to be put on probation.

I'm going to switch the convo before I start crying. My ensemble today is pretty casual mnus the heels. I really wanted some harem pants, but didn't want to buy any, so I turned some old wide leg jeans into some rolled cuff harem pants. I think they look pretty cool :). I am excited to finally wear one of my newer pairs of shoes. I love the hidden platform, makes them so much easier to walk in. I also love the color, because i don't really own anything in this shade of beige. Not really an exciting outfit, but I am proud of my DIY, hopefully I'll be able to do more creative ones.


Kohl's T-Shirt, Old Navy Shorts, Wal-Mart Flats

Speaking of creative, I decided to get a little creative with my daughter's outfit. I love to mix a graphic with another print, but I never did it for Amerie until now. I think this is a pretty nice look for my daughter, she loves to get dressed and go places. This is one of her more causal ensembles. Can't wait to show you her ensemble for tomorrow, it's going to be cute!

Well, I am getting sleepy, so I will give you all an update tomorrow. Until then, C-ya!

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