Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally I Am Back!

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Me: Walmart top, Faith 21 Leggings, GoJane Boots, Forever 21 Purse, Betsey Johnson Belt, Wet Seal Hoops, Fabuless Bangles
Amerie: Old Navy Tank, Kohl's Shorts, Target Sandals

Sorry I've been away for so long, I've been studying for finals and turning in major assignments, but now I am done with fall semester, yay! I can finally start blogging more and hopefully figure out a schedule so I can blog everyday during spring semester as well :)

Amerie has been a major handful lately, she's just been so (and I hat using this word) bad. She won't listen and she's regressed in her potty training, it's just a mess. But hopefully now that I have a month off from school for winter break, we (my mom and I) can work on this together.

Remember that styling job I told you about months ago? Well, we are going to attempt to get it done on the 15th of this month, or at least around that time depending on my friend's schedule. Again, I am doing it for free but it will help my portfolio get started :)

Today is a short post because I need to spend time with my daughter. Until next time...C-ya!

Sarah Jane

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