Monday, December 14, 2009

What To Do When You're Bored

Old Navy Dress, Betsey Johnson Belt, Traffic Shoes, Target Clutch, Fabuless Hoops, F21 Necklace, Fabuless Bangles

So, I have so much news to share. One being that I am going to post photos of my ensembles from the past few weeks, so you can see what I've been wearing :) Also, I have a boyfriend! He's really sweet and so far everything between us is great. We've only been together for a few weeks, but I know him through my best friend, and she assured me he was a great guy. So far so good :) I am also going to try to post at least three times a week, mainly because I need to set a schedule for computer time, Amerie time, reading time, etc. I also have fabulous news...I got As in three of my classes this semester. I think I got a B in my Geology class, but he has not posted the grades yet, grrr!

However, I do have some sad news. I will not be doing a YouTube channel next year, mainly because my time will be taken up with school that I feel I need to focus on those classes more. However, I will be doing interviews with different boutique owners and posting the text interviews on this blog, as well as my mnore professional style blog, The Interesting Stylish Mom In College. I am excited to take a more direct approach with my blog, and I hope that you all will like it.

Lately I've been kind of bummed for no reason. I've just been angry and I think it's more stress than real anger. That and I'm upset about some things in my life. But hopefully, things will turn for the better. I just have to let go and let God deal with my problems. I hope i don't offend anyone why mentioning my faith in God, but then again, this is my blog, freedom of speech is important. However, I do ask that you not direct negative comments towards my faith, though I could just delete the comment. Ok, I'm talking in circles, I'm going to stop now. :/

Well, I need to organize my life a little more, and figure out if this old lady has let another mouse into our house. I will be happy when it's just my mom, Amerie, and I in our house. Until next time, enjoy the photos and C-ya!

Sarah Jane

First Photo: American Eagle Dress, Marshall Lace Leggings, Traffic Boots, F21 Headband, Wet Seal Hoops, Fabuless Bangles
Second Photo: Aeropostale Tunic Shirt, Faith 21 Leggings, Urban Originals Flats, F21 Headband, Walmart Pearl Studs, F21 Pearl Necklace, Fabuless Bangles
Third Photo: Wet Seal Denim Jacket, Max Rave Tunic Tank, Faith 21 Body Con Mini, Walmart Stockings, GoJane Boots, F21 Headband, Wet Seal Hoops, F21 Necklace, Fabuless Bangles, Walmart Watch


  1. Don't worry...I often feel the same. But remember God has a plan for each of us! It may not be what we want right now but He knows what's best for us! I often feel I know better...which I don't! lol

    And a bf?? WOOO!!!! ;)

    Love the first outfit! You look amazing and so classy!

  2. Hi darling!!!!! thanks for being my 1st follower it makes me very happy. I've also added to my list of blogs. Following your style also here and in Chictopia ; ) LOVE,


  3. wonderful outfit!!! oh! how i hate being stressed, but it's also unavoidable!!! hoep feel better, xx


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