Friday, January 8, 2010

I Am...Me

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First Picture: 
Old Navy Button Front Shirt,
Walmart Tights
GoJane Platform Shoes
Vintage Fedora
Fabuless Heart Shaped Bamboo Hoops
Forever 21 Chain Link Choker

Second Picture:
Wet Seal V-Neck Blouse
Wet Seal Floral Skirt
Walmart Tights
Urban Originals Platform Sandals
Betsey Johnson Studded Belt
Marshall's Straw Fedora
Wet Seal Hoop Earrings

Fabuless Bangle Set
Walmart Watch

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was so busy with some stuff for school and a doctor's appointment. But I do want to say something about the first photo. I took it yesterday and there's a mini story behind it. For the past decade, I've been struggling with my weight. I've gone up and down, but lately just up. After i had Amerie, I gained terrible stretch marks, and it just made me for uncomfortable with my body. I feel fat some days, especially when I see the rolls on my back and the shape of my stomach. But when I put on my classic white shirt, black stockings, black platforms, my new fave hat and jewelry, I felt sexier than any dress could make me feel. I was wearing simple pieces, but together, they helped me see what my boyfriend sees, and what many of the men in my life initially saw, the beautiful and fierce woman that I am. I felt beautiful, for the first time in my life, and I am finally accepting my flaws for what they are. I am no longer going to let my flaws get the best of me. I am beautiful, not matter what size I am. I am me, and I love me, finally.

On a lighter note, the second ensemble, I wore to a basketball game, except with a trench coat and boots because it was freezing. I had fun with my best friends, we all looked fierce. I think I’m going to start taking pictures of my friends, start getting a little closer with you all :) The shoes I wore on my 21st birthday, and they constantly cut the back of my leg, so I have to wear a bandaid when I wear them :/ But they are so sexy! This is my favorite belt, I’m obsessed with it, I don’t know why though lol. The skirt I’ve had for about a year but never wore it because I didn’t have tights to wear it with, until this year :) I’m actually wearing it backwards because the back is so pretty. I added the hat for a little sass to it lol.

Lately I have been obsessed with this old song by Beyonce called “Roc”. She wrote it about her husband but it reminds me of my man, because we both have so many issues but we are willing to be there for each other, which is something I would not have expected from a younger guy (he’s 2 years younger than me). I hate to be a mushy lovey dovey person, but i really have strong feelings for him, and I can sense that it’s mutual, but we’ve both been hurt badly when we put our whole heart into relationships, but for some reason, I’m okay with giving him my heart. Maybe I’m being dumb, maybe I’m moving to fast with him, but life is too short to second guess your emotions. Okay, maybe that was a bit irrational but I love him! :) Check out the song here.

Well,  Amerie is up and it's time to watch and spend time with her. So until next time, C-ya!

Sarah Jane

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