Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Girls Go Bad

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Old Navy Black 3/4 Puff Sleeve Tunic Tee $10
Max Rave Light Wash Skinny Jeans $15
Vintage Black Bots With Velvet Details $10
Wet Seal Black Wayfarer Sunglasses $3
Fabuless Silver Bamboo Heart Shaped Hoops $2
Random Silver Heart Necklace $5
Goodwill Silver Bangles $2
Fabuless Silver Bangle Set $2
Walmart Silver Watch $10

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Hump Day (Wednesday) so far. Mine is pretty good so far :) So, these boots are like freaking amazing, but the heel needs that piece that covers the heel at the bottom (forgot what it’s called), so I can’t wear them out :( I am going to find a local shoemaker or repair place and get them fixed as soon as I get the money to do so :) Today’s outfit isn’t very special, just basic black and denim, but sometimes, simplicity is needed in a world full of chaos, right?

Speaking of chaos, I am working on a style profile for my best friend, who wants me to style her new wardrobe. I’m so excited, I think I’ve mentioned it twice already on here lol. She’s plus size, and in our hometown, that’s hard to shop for, but we will be taking a trip to Tampa to go shopping and get her quality pieces. I will definitely take photos and post a couple here and on both of my blogs. I’m thinking Beyonce glamour with Rihanna edge, with a little Lauren Conrad flavor in there, sound good? I think so.

Tell me why I feel bad ass in this ensemble? I wanted to channel a bad girl, since I’ve been addicted to the Cobra Starship song, well the group in general lately. And I’ve been thinking about doing a style profile for myself, but it’s so hard. I love elements from all different style profiles, from prepster to grunge to old school hip hop to the roaring 20s, elements from all of them make up me. I was never good at making decisions lol. Guess I’ll be eclectic for now. Works for me.

I just wnat to leave you with a close up photo of the boots, they are so cool.

Well, I'm going to work on my friend's style profile now. Until next time, C-ya!

Sarah Jane

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