Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Missed You


First Picture: Rainbow Black Faux Leather Bomber Jacket, Wet Seal White and Black Graphic Tunic, Max Rave light Wash Skinny Jeans, Go Jane Black Flat Button Side Ankle Boots, Payless Black Studded Tote Bag, Family Dollar Black Beanie Hat, Fabuless Silver Heart Shaped Bamboo Hoop Earrings, Fabuless Silver Bangle Set, Girl Props Black Cotton Stretch Gloves

Second Picture: Vintage Multicolored Threaded Wool Blazer, Random DIY Off The Shoulder Graphic Tunic, Vintage Lee Denim Shorts, Wal-Mart Black Opaque Tights, Go Jane Black Strappy Platform Sandals, Marshall's Black Straw Fedora, Fabuless Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings, Fabuless Gold Bangle Set

Third Picture: Rainbow Black Faux Leather Bomber Jacket, Wet Seal Black Boyfriend T-shirt, Wet Seal DIY Bleached Skinny Jeans, Traffic Black Motorcycle Boots, Payless Black Studded Tote Bag, Wet Seal Black Wayfarer Sunglasses, Fabuless Silver Bamboo Hoop Earrings, Wet Seal or Rainbow (can't remember) Silver Rhinestone Star Necklace, and Fabuless Silver Bangle Set

Fourth Picture: Old Navy Gray Sweatshirt Top, Betsey Johnson Black Studded Belt, Wet Seal Dark Wash High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Traffic Black Motorcycle Boots, Marshall's Black Straw Fedora Hat, Fabuless Silver Bamboo Hoop Earrings, and Fabuless Silver Bangle Set

OMG!!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been updating like I should. Things got a little hectic with my social life and schoolwork, but I wanted to post the past four photos I've taken. I am so excited because I got my ASOS order, my leather shorts from Ebay, and some fab finds from Goodwill and Rainbow (a small chain store). The blazer from the second picture I got at Goodwill for $7.07, and the shorts were like $4 from there too. The faux leather bomber I got from Rainbow in two of the photos was like $10 on sale. I was going to buy this $25 dollar one, but when I saw the $10, I was like, I love a good deal :) The bag is also new from Payless, only $20. I promise you guys, I am a sucker for a look for less. I've been wanting a studded bag for ages, especially since the one I have is tearing apart (Kathy van Zealand of all bags). I also ordered more jewelry from Fabuless. I was disappointed in the gold chain I ordered from Girl Props because it looks like a plastic gold chain, as apposed to the picture displayed on the site. I should have looked at the description. Nothing a little gold paint can't cure right?

So I am sort of talking to a new guy now, since my boyfriend broke up with me (the whole "my feelings have changed" thing). I am definitely not looking for a new relationship. I figure I'm 21 and I have way too many priorities and goals that need to be accomplished to deal with a relationship. So for now, I'm flirting (ok so I kissed him too, sue me!) I'm definitely going to do the classic "put my guard up" until I can tell he's not in it for sex. I mean, that's probably 10 percent of the male population, but is it bad that I want to find a guy whose actually, I don't know, not completely sex-crazed? I'll keep you updated on that one.

I want to show you some of the new pieces that I bought from ASOS, Target, Forever 21, Fabuless, Girl Props, and Ebay. Not all of the photos are the exact images because I used PolyVore and for some reason, they wouldn't let me tag things on Fabuless. I just got the idea of the items :) Hopefully you will see the final actual photo once I get my Forever 21 and Target orders.

I will post details about what's from wear later. I'm running late for class. Until next time, C-ya!

Sarah Jane


  1. Hey Girl!! We missed you here and in chictopia! Iove the first and 3rd look, you really made the "rockstar look". And about the guy, well personally I think your ex is a dumb for dumpping you (or whatever that the problem was, sorry for my english :() you're such an awesome girl, I know i don't know you that much but i can see it through what you wrote and wear. And about the new guy, just enjoy, chill out and let time speak.

    And about your new buys, i'm like REALLY ENVY right now! Everything is awesome to that colorful stockings (or socks) and the beautiful floral printed skirt, personally my favorite.Can't wait to see them in you.

    Wish you the best dear. Until next time ;)

  2. Sarah Jane ... I soooo love how you style your outfits. They look so effortless on you!

  3. I LOVE second and third OUTFIT miss sarah jane :D

    I followed ur blog hope u could follow mine too :)

  4. I love the styling of outfit 2!

  5. Hey girl, yessss we miss u, you always have nice comments and was juts thinking where is my girl??????? I don't know why buy u remind in some pics to MIA u know her? keep as posted about your new flirt and have fun you are only 21!!!!! LOVE


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