Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red For Haiti


K-Mart Black Blazer 
Old Navy Red Long Sleeved T-Shirt 
Faith 21 Black Pencil Mini 
Wal-Mart Black Opaque Tights 
Maripe Black Peep Toe Heels 
Gifted 14k Gold Hoops 
DIY Gold Multi Chain Necklace 
Forever 21 Gold Heart Pendant Necklace 
Fabuless Gold Bangles 
Random Red Bracelet
Today, as a remembrance and reminder to many of people today, I wore red for the Haiti. It was a small Facebook agreement, but I felt compelled to do that until I can provide financial help for those in Haiti. This was and still is such a devastating event and will change our world history forever. Anation that was already suffering economically is now in the worst position possible. I can only be thankful for the life I have right now, and realize my own small issues are nothing compared to what people are going through in Haiti as well as their relatives in other countries. I saw on the news a woman in my community lost her relatives in the earthquake. It is such a heartbreaking tale, and we should all do what we can for the country. If not for them, do it because who knows what the United States would do as a whole if something catastrophic like that happened to us. I would like to make a side note an mention that I am no longer in a relationship with the "good guy". He said he didn't have the same feelings for me anymore after not texting me for two weeks. I am way over it now, but it still hurts a little :( I'm sorry today's post was so depressing, But there is hope. If you want to help the cause, here's the link to do what you can. 

So, I have come to the conclusion that I am meant to be single and that I have way too much going for myself. I cannot waste time stressing over guys and how they hurt me. There are worse things in life, and I am going to live my life happy and stress free. I will go on about my life, because that's what I feel he wants me to do, is to start stressing and fall apart over him. I'm not going to do that, and he's got a surprise the next time he sees me. No revenge though, just a surprise :)

Well, I've got homework to do so until next time, C-ya!

Sarah Jane


  1. Such a nice post, we have to keep in our mind those who are suffering and having their worst time.And u are right there are many important things rather than guys..and love how u combined the red and black. great post!!!

  2. You look great! I still can't believe what has happened in Haiti. I couldn't donate much either but it was a little something I donated through my church. We do a lot of humanitarian aid and I'm hoping the people of Haiti are receiving a lot of help from everyone.

    And don't worry about guys.... When you least expect it, you'll fall in love!


  3. hey i likey this outfit very much its very cool


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