Monday, January 4, 2010

It Kills Me

Aeropostale Plaid Tunic Shirt
L.E.I. for Walmart Skinny Jeans
Rampage Boots (From Goodwill)
Family Dollar Beanie Hat

Forever 21 Hoops
Forever 21 Choker Necklace
Wet Seal Bracelet Watch

Good morning! I am already agitated, and I am kind of sad. Amerie was a beats this morning, but thankfully my sister is watching her for me. I can't wait to go back to school, I feel like my brain is not getting enough stimulation. I need to go get books for school, so I may try to go tomorrow, maybe even take the bus (since I can't drive). I need to get myself ready for this semester's classes. I am taking:
World Regional Geography
Business Calculus
Music In Your Life (Basically a music class, I hope)
Expository Writing
I would have taken five classes, but I'm waiting to do that when Amerie is a little older, possibly closer to graduation. I'm so happy because I brought my GPA up this past semester from a 3.5 to a 3.63 :) I got 3 As and a B+ :) I am so proud of myself. Hopefully I will do well this semester, so I won't be wasting my mama's hard earned money. Also, once I start school, I am going to designate a time for posting on here, my other blog, Chictopia, and checking my social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace). I am going to do my best to post everyday :)

So, I am so excited because I am making an exercise and diet plan for myself and my best friend, since we want to lose some weight for Spring Break. I want to lose weight in my stomach and hopefully it will make my butt look bigger :) I am not going to starve, because I love food too much, but I will eat better. Any suggestions for meals? Again, I'm going to have to organize time for that too. I'm thinking I'm going to start cooking more meals, that way I won't be tempted to buy fast food around campus.

Well, I need to clean my room a bit, put Amerie's clean clothes away, and start scheduling my time, so until next time, C-ya!

Sarah Jane


  1. Oh Sarah that's good having new plans forthe new year darling. Hope you can cope with all and don't matter if you don't accomplish everything, don't be hard to yourself ; )

    Love your plaid combined with jeans darling ; )

  2. i think you've def found yourself. you're so cute! and thanks so much for following my blog!

  3. stopping by to show some love for the blog! thinking about restarting mine...don't know if i'd be able to keep it up, but i'd love to try again. i will be visiting you regularlyyy!! xoxo, Whitney (whit078)


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