Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tik Tok

Old Navy Metallic Tunic Tank
Faith 21 Body Con Mini
Random Dress Socks
Delicious Platform Pumps (from Cutesy Girl)
Marshall's Straw Fedora Hat
Fabuless Bamboo Heart Shaped Hoops
Fabuless Bangle Set
Walmart Watch

So the inspiration fot this ensemble comes from the song by Ke$ha "Tik Tok". It is such an addicting song, and you should definitely check it out here. I don't know, lately I've been into electro-pop and a little hip hop. I guess my taste is changing, goodbye hood anthems lol. But back to the outfit, I was feel like sometimes, you have to take risks, and this one is major considering my mother is from the day when showing your bra is considered "slutty". But I was feeling how it coordinated with my shoes so I went with it. I actually hate the shirt by itself because it fits weird, but tucked into a body con mini, it's perfect!

I am so ready for school to start, I'm organized and ready to go, well except my room. My room became a disaster when I was rummaging trough clothes today lol. But hey, that's life I guess. I plan on picking up my textbooks on Thursday after a doctor's appointment, then running to my best friend's house to get some of my accessories and clothing back so I will be ready for school. I'm thinking about planning my outfits, as it will be rather cold next week :/ Maybe debut a sweater I got over the summer as well as my blazers, yay!

Ok, so I will be getting quite a bit of money soon, and i plan on doing a little shopping, just to pick up a few items. Here are some of the items I'm planning on getting:

Now the thing is, I need to not buy everything, so I need to break it down to at least 10 items that I will buy, because trends are changing, and I don't want to miss out, you feel me? So, I'm thinking that these will be what I end up buying:
1. Floral Shorts
2. Tan Lace Up Booties
3. Moto Jeans
4. White Fleece Coat
5.  Eternity Scarf
6. Lace Tank Top
7. Sequin Tank
8. White Beret
9. Studded Pants
10. Brown Boots

Does that sound like a good list? Well, I need to clean my room, but until next time, C-ya!

BTW: Amerie is still being a beast, grrr, I can only imagine what it will be like when we both have our menstruals when she's older....hell, pure hell.

Sarah Jane


  1. Lovely blog!


  2. Girl what a HOT outfit, yesssss I like it.Many of the things of your list think I'm going to buy them too XD


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