Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Changes For 2010!

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Forever 21 Two Tone Dress
Walmart Opaque Tights
GoJane Platform Sandals

Hope everyone had a great Sunday! Mine was pretty productive because...I have a new blog layout! It's not very fancy, but I did work very hard on the header. I think it's a lot better than the last one I had lol. I do have some disappointing news. Tomorrow, I start my Spring semester of my sophomore year in college, which means my posts will end up being a lot shorter, and Wednesdays I may not be able to post. I love my blog, but I also have to secure my education. I want to take this time to thank everyone who leaves comments or just checks out the blog. I also want to shout out my 8 followers:
Caramel Mimi
I know I'm not the most interesting person, but thank you for following me anyways :)

So it's going to be cold in Florida for the rest of the month probably, meaning a lot of my ensembles will be looking very similar, i.e. black trench coat, black blazer, white blazer, jeweltone sweater. I don't own a lot of unique winter tops and i only own 4 pairs of boots, and one of thoe pairs needs to be fixed. I will try to come up with some interesting combinations, but please bare with me, I was not prepapred for this kind of cold weather (30 degrees in Florida? WTF!?) Well, I need to go to bed early, but before I do, I want to show you a couple ensembles I came up with from some items I plan on purchasing soon, combined with similar items in my closet :) Until next time, C-ya!

Sarah Jane

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