Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

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Hello, hope eveyone is having a great Monday. Today I am officially back in school for Spring 2010. I had my World Regional Geography class this morning and it was rather...interesting. I hope it will make more sense on Wednesday :) I still have a night class so wish me luck with that. Amerie has been with my sister all day, since she's wathcing her for me 9and getting paid to do so). I am going to miss spending time with her during the day, but I need to get my degree to provide a better life for her.

Today's ensemble can best be describe by the title of the's freakin freezing outside. It was 39 degrees F when I went outside to go to class this morning. I mean good Lord, it's not right for Florida to get this cold :/ I literally had to layer, and I wish I had a huge fur coat just to keep me even warmer. I will be wearing a lot of layers this week, as it will continue to be cold. I love dressing for cold weather, but experiencing it takes a toll on my body, especially my nose :(

I'm very thrilled because while I was bored yesterday, I pained and designed my nails! I am so proud of myself, they turned out fab...until the got messed up this morning putting on the gloves. Now my nails are chipped, I'm so disappointed. However, I did manage to get a picture of my left hand after i finished it. Check it out!
I don't know what inspired me to do yellow with black dots and a stripe, but I just went for it. Actually, the stripe came in because I messed up one of the nails and needed a quick cover up, hence why we have the stripe :)

I gotta cut this short, since I am going to take a nap before my night class. Until next time, C-ya!

Sarah Jane

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  1. What a lovely outfit, the blazer and hat are beautiful!!! I also like the changes in th blog, love the header with your outfit pics ; ) And the nails, darling what a piece art!!!!


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