Tuesday, January 12, 2010

She's Ice Cold

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Old Navy Trench Coat
Wet Seal Striped Sweater
Victoria's Secret High Waist Denim Trouser
Wet Seal Platform Cutout Heels
Kangol Newsboy Hat
Wet Seal Hoop Earrings
Icing by Claire's Scarf

Hello everyone, hope your Tuesday is lovely! I had one class today, Music In Your Life/Music Appreciation. I am definitely thinking I love the class. i love music, and enjoy pretty much all types of music, except Country (although Taylor Swift is really good). I get to learn about classical composers as well as modern day ones. I'm excited, if you can't tell :). I am currently at my mom's office waiting for her to get off so I can go home and prepare for my big 3 day class schedule tomorrow. I'll literally be at school from 10am to 8pm, it's like a job on Wednesdays lol. I guess  in a sense college is a job. Your pay is through grades, and if you don't perform well, you get fired. Wow, definitely a concept I didn't really think about.

My outfit for today is again, described best by the title. It was another cold day in Florida, except the high was actually 55 degrees F. I wore a trench coat because it started out being 40 something degrees outside, and I was not happy with that. But I decided I would just go 70s chic and wear wide leg denim trousers (high waisted of course), platform heels (note I wore socks with them since it was so cold), and a newsboy cap a la The Black Panthers (except I guess it would be the White panthers in the case of the hat.) I may have to do a similar combination soon. I got a couple stares, but nothing too bad, as it was pretty cold.

I just want to thank you for coming by to my blog, as well as everyone who has visited before. I feel honored that people even decided to leave a comment, as I know I'm not the most interesting person on Earth. I mean, I live in a random small city where everyone dresses alike. I live in the "ghetto" and have seen many terrifying things while living on this street. But I feel like my style doesn't reflect my hometown, it reflects who I am inside. And I want to thank you for browsing, commenting, or even not liking my blog. I take constructive criticism well, so if you have any, feel free to comment, but if you are just going to bash me, just leave it to yourself. Again, thank you for checking in, and until tomorrow, C-ya!

Oh, before I go, I did my nails over, check them out!

Sarah Jane

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  1. hey mama happy new year !!! so u want to know where i got my chain , well actullay i bought it in a vintage store in miami !! ive been looking for one for a long time ,but its so hard to find !! i know this didnt help but ... yeah ... sorry baby ! if i find one in a brand store i'll let u know kiss baby!!


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