Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Evening Love

Vintage Worthington Yellow Single Button Blazer
Aeropostale Red Plaid Ruffle Tunic Shirt
Faith 21 Black Denim Leggings
Vintage Rampage Brown Rugged Lace-Up Boots
Coach Brown Tote Bag
Fabuless Gold Heart Shaped Bamboo Hoop Earrings
Fabuless Gold Bangle Set

Hello world! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far. I have some interesting news to share, but first, I'll talk about my ensemble. It's back to being cold again, grrrr! I'm so sad, because I was enjoying the warm weather and the prospect of wearing shorts and skirts without tights :( But it's ok, I'll still rock my blazers :) I love the boots, they are just so fun. I feel like this ensemble can be described as Classy Lumberjack. Yes, I'm feelin it! I wore this blazer because there are hints of yellow in the plaid shirt, and I thought wearing the yellow blazer would highlight it. However, I was wrong, but I still love the pieces together.

Okay, now onto the interesting news...I have a crush! Yes, the man-hunting woman who couldn't think of a decent man to save her life found a crush. However, I am sort of dating someone right now, so this could potentially be bad. I mean, technically, the guy has not said we are exclusive nor has he hinted that he wants to be exclusive. Therefore, I feel I'm still single and willing to mingle. However, the guy I'm crushing on had a crush on someone else. Of course, I'm a little devastated. But it's not going to stop the pursuit. I'm older than him by 3 years, which is a bit of a stretch for me. He's not that immature though and he's really fun to talk to. Maybe I'll be his friend then work my way up. However, my spiritual adviser has warned me to avoid him. She told me he may be thrown in my path to throw me off track from getting closer to God. She also mentioned that his connection with God is not as strong or on the same level as mine, which could cause many problems. Ugh, why is it when I'm not really looking, guys get thrown at me that are not all that great or there's something wrong with them? I mean, I accept everyone's flaws, but what makes my crush so bad for me? I could be the person that he needs in his life to help him become closer to God, who knows? I'll still work o becoming his friend though. 

Ok, enough boy babble. I have to study for a math quiz for my night class. However, I want to leave you with a photo of my ensemble from yesterday and the song of the day, "Wig'n" by Legacy and Coa Babii. The dance is so fun, I love it! Again, it's the local Florida music.

Old Navy Black Boyfriend Cardigan
ASOS Black Shoulder Pad Boyfriend T-Shirt
Wet Seal Light Wash Denim Leggings
ASOS Black and Gold "La Mode" Belt
Max Rave Gold T-Strap Sandals
Alloy Black and Brown Leopard Tote Bag
Wet Seal Gold Aviator Sunglasses
Fabuless Gold Heart Shaped Bamboo Hoop Earrings
DIY Gold Double Chain Necklace
Fabuless Gold Bangle Set

Sarah Jane


  1. I love your boots!!!!! And a new crush?? How exciting!! :)

  2. New crushs are always mm hope... You know what i mean, they bring you hope that maybe just maybe they're the right. I've a crush on on of my mates at my photo class, but i haven't even crossed words.

    You look fabulous with the outfit i <3 so much, specially that boots that i'm wanting so so much!

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