Monday, March 1, 2010

In A Rush

Attention for K-Mart Black Single Button Boyfriend Blazer
Old Navy Black 3/4 Puff Sleeve Tunic T-Shirt
Candie's Black Faux Leather Leggings
Qupid from Urban Originals Beige Platform Pumps
Enzo Angiolini Grey Double Handle Zipper Detail Tote Bag
Fabuless Silver Bamboo Hoop Earrings
Forever 21 Silver Beaded Necklace
Fabuless Silver Bangle Set

What's up everybody? Hope everyone had a great weekend and Monday so far. I still have to go to my night class which I'd rather be sleeping but hey, education is very important to me. This morning i really was in a rush to get out of the door to get to class, so I just threw on some black and added neutral accessories. The outfit isn't too special, but I felt pretty nice in it. The heels are like 4.75 inches high with a 1-inch platform :) Oh, and I have a name tag on because I was inside of my mom's workplace when she took the photo of me. All visitors have to have a visitor's badge, but since my mom works there, she made me a badge with my name on it, so cool.

I want the cold to go away completely! I am so sick of layering and wearing jackets, I just want to wear my tank tops, vests, shorts or jeans, and sandals again! Even though I was born in Florida, I never wore shorts unless I had to. I would wear jeans all summer. Now, when I'm finally happy with my legs and love showing them off, we end up with a long winter. I'll be okay though, I'm going to make this work for me. Speaking of work, I've been trying to get that done early because I will be going to Columbus, GA this weekend. I'm only supposed to be there for two days and one night. I have to go to a funeral for my mom's cousin who I never met. I also do not know any of my family members who live in Georgia, so this should be an interesting trip. They haven't seen me since I was Amerie's age, which is going to be a shock for them (Amerie looks just like me). I just hope they are nice and not judgmental.

Oh, I went clubbing this weekend with my entire crew of people, which was a little over 10 of us. I want to say 15 but I can't remember who all went and who didn't. I had so much fun, and of course, I decided to bust out the black leather shorts. Here's a photo of what I wore.

Vintage Men's Denim Shirt
Ebay Black Genuine Leather High Waisted Shorts
Rainbow Black and Gold Studded Waist Belt
Just My Size Black Sheer Stockings
GoJane Black Button Side Flat Ankle Boots
Fabuless Gold Heart Shaped Bamboo Hoop Earrings
Forever 21 Gold Heart Pendant Necklace
Fabuless Gold Bangle Set

Oh, if you didn't notice in the two photos above, I am wearing a new lip color! I really wanted to try the coral lip trend, so when I was at Walgreen's, I picked up Maybelline's ColorStay Lip Stick in Coral Rush. Here's a close up of the lips from Saturday (clubbing night).

Well, I am going to clean my room and figure out what I'm going to pack. I'm thinking since I'm not as close to the family, I don't have to necessarily wear all black. I'm thinking of wearing grey and black. Anyways, thank you for everyone whose following the blog and commenting, it means so much to me. I will possibly doing a giveaway once I reach 25 followers. I will be keeping the details about it a secret until I reach 25. Thanks so much for the support and I have no problems with you sharing my blog with other people :) The song of the day is "Everything To Me" by Monica. Her wardrobe is full of Alexander McQueen. In fact, the video was dedicated to him. I also love the song because it describes some feelings I've been having. Love ya!

Sarah Jane


  1. You look really great in both pics! I love the leather shorts & your stylish look for school.

    You'll see everything will be fine with your family! Have a great time dear.

  2. Cool blog...Im following you now...
    Please check out and follow my blog

  3. Hi Sarah =) It's Hafaguddei. Just wanted to let you know that I'm following your blog now. Again, I love those leather shorts! And that lip color looks great on you. <3

  4. It's grammarous from Chictopia! I am pretty sure I have that exact same men's shirt! I got mine from Goodwill...I looks EGGZACTLY the same! I wear it probably twice a week ;) Love those shorts and that lip color!


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