Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Belated Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year/President's Day

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Hey everyone! I just want to wish everyone a belated Happy Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and President's Day. I also hope everyone is having a great Tuesday so far. Well, today was another cold winter day in Florida, so I had to layer again. Ugh, I can't wait until it gets warmer, I'm tired of the cold :( I decided to wear a hoodie which I haven't worn in a few months. I've been trying to dress more sophisticated, but it's too damn cold for all of that lol. I also wanted to wear some pink since I didn't wear any on V-Day.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I actually ended up going on a blind date instead of taking pictures with my daughter. You see, it all started when I went to the nail shop earlier that day with my two best friends, one of whom just came from the Navy oversees in Japan. We wanted to do a girl's day out with getting our nails, toes, and eyebrows done. Well, much to my surprise, a guy who I had sort of been talking to decided he wanted to meet up and talk. So, after I fought back and forth with my friends who kept telling me to go, I went. We ended up going to the Pier and talking about different things, a lot of which we had in common. His name is Raeshad and he's 23. He has a 2-year old girl who is so adorable, and he's very much independent. He has his own house, car, and a nice job, and he actually takes care of his daughter. He's into the same music as myself, and his mentality is very much like mine. I am excited because we plan on going on a second date :) Does it make me a whore that I kissed him on the first date? I hope not because he kisses really well :)

I am planning on doing some new things on this blog, starting with posting songs of the day and possibly quotes of the day. I'm also planning on doing an ask me anything post, so if you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask and I will answer them. Well, I have an essay to work on, but before I leave, I have a picture of my nails and a song of the day. I know a lot of people hate her but I love her music.

I got my nails pink, black, white, and silver. This is the first time I've had acrylic nails in about two years. I know they look ghetto fabulous, but I like the contrast with my style :)

Song of the Day: Ke$ha "Backstabber"

Sarah Jane


  1. Oh Sarah I'm so exited with your date, hope the 2nd just goes well girl. Your nails are reaaly cool and like the black outfit with the pop of pink. have a nice week darling ; )

  2. Oh dear, is really nice to know you have a really cute & nice day for valentines. Destiny (or God if you wanna call it) always have something for us. I hope someday i meet a nice guy that is actually worthy. Anyways i love black with any bright color. I've my self trying to dress more sophisticated too, but lazzines + the strange weather in my city doesn't leaves me.

    I love the nails, they go pretty cool with your outfit, and no you are not a whore =). Have a great second date & even more awesome week!

  3. by the way the song has a great beat i don't hate ke$ha but i don't like her either just tik tok, and this song is kinda good.

  4. hey i like ure outfit its cool... u always look good with blazers


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