Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Postponing of Giveaway Again (I'm Deeply Sorry)


Croft&Barrow Beige Trench Coat (comes with a belt)
Old Navy Pale Pink Boyfriend Tunic T-Shirt
Wet Seal Light Wash Denim Leggings
Thrifted Rampage Brown Lace-Up Low Heel Boots
Coach Brown Tote Bag
Gifted Brown Houndstooth Fedora Hat
Walmart Gold Hoop Earrings
Random Gold Braided Belt
Can't See: Fabuless Gold Bangle Set

Hello everyone! I am so excited to debut my new trench coat, ahh! I got it for $50 at Kohls and I love it! However, I was hoping it wouldn’t be as cold today so I wouldn’t need a trench coat. But alas, spring is taking it’s time coming…it better hurry up though. I did a bit of adjusting on the color of the photo so you could see the boots better :) I am definitely loving the half-tuck a la Halle Berry, it’s such a great way to show off curves. I got more of these Old Navy tees online because they are on sale now, yay! I have almost every color now, because, well, I love them :) I may have to get the last color, thinking about the coral trend lately.

I am so so so so so sorry that I have to postpone the giveaway again. What I may end up doing is posting it later tonight or Thursday morning, because Wednesday is a jam packed day and I won't have time. Ugh, I hate having to depend on my sister for rides home (still no license yet). Her car is messed up so she's been using my mom's car. So now our whole schedule gets thrown off, hence why I don't have pictures in front of home anymore. I hope her car gets fixed asap, because this is inconveniencing my connection with you guys and keeping my promise. Since I am unable to post the pictures of the actual items I am giving away, I will just tell you what the items are. For the "25 Follower Giveaway" I will be giving away the following items:
1. A Scarf
2. A pair of Earrings
3. A pair of Sunglasses
4. A personalized Thank You Note
I hope that's a pretty decent giveaway. It's my first one and on top of that, I will be giving away stuff that I actually own and love. I feel that it's more personal to give away some of your loved items :) I hope you all like it when I do finally post it.

I hope everyone has a great day today and is living life to the best of their ability. I have an assignment I am going to start working on so until next time, C-ya!

P.S. Feel free to leave any suggestions as far as how the blog looks. I'm thinking of renovating it lol :)

Sarah Jane

Song of the Day: "Love Of My Life" by Carlos Santana ft. Dave Matthews


  1. The first picture is so so great, very good colors; plus i love the oufit you're using, very nice trench coat, in fact it's a must have for the spring... here is chilly too you can't use bare legs yet. Anyways don't worry about the giveaway, and yes it is very good!

    =) hope you had a good time today!

  2. i've said it on Chictopia, I really liked this ensemble!:) it looks casual but very well put together.


  3. I love this look, became a fan on Chictopia, now I'm following this blog, love your look, love it all! :)



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